The Morning After the Night Before

Some girls are bigger than others
Some girls’ mothers are bigger than other girls’ mothers.

Sorry, I meant to say some families are madder than others. Went to the Bike Shop in Hexham yesterday- obviously I didn’t want to go to the shop & it was only because Josh wanted to go that I reluctantly went. [That is the defence version of the day!] As Josh wasn’t sure of the exact part he needed, we will have to go back to the shop today to look @ bike porn again! I’m gutted as you can imagine.

After Hexham, we went along Hadrian’s Wall to Vallum Farm shop for lunch. Mmmmm an exquisite burger followed by chocolate & orange ice cream & ferrero rocher ice cream.

I’d forgotten how fantastic Hadrian’s Wall is. It is no wonder it is on list of World Heritage Sites. The views are spectacular. It is amazing to think that even in AD122 people wanted to keep the Scots out! Plus ca change! I’d say to anyone who hasn’t visited Hadrian’s Wall that it is worth putting it on your “bucket list”.

I fancy cycling the length of the Wall in the spring. Perhaps over Easter weekend. Its only 70miles, but there is little flat land, and plenty of hills, some very sharp. The train to Carlisle, bike ride to Bowness on Solway, then a ride back the next day to Wallsend, then either ride back to Michelle’s or head down to Tynemouth.

Anyway, back to yesterday. It was time for Michelle’s penance & so she (sorry I mean, Michelle) had to join my parents, Tom & my sister for a meal @ The Chester Moor Pub. A lively debate was had! The words of Francis of Assisi came to mind. You recall the words about “where there is discord let me bring harmony…” Well some people seem to manage that in reverse! Didn’t you…

Well the rest of today has been hysterical giggling & then lots of munchies. This before the wine has been opened! This could be a long night!

Cycling? Today? You’re having a giraffe! Too much wine needs drinking!

My home in East London is near Barking. Where I am currently staying is most definitely barking!

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