Another Day, Another Dollar


The title would have you believe, I’m a dollar richer now than last night. I’m still trying to find out who should be providing me with that dollar. Well it’s certainly not Kylie, she has been refusing to take my calls sine the Convicts snatched a draw from an almost certain victory. A great effort from Strauss, Cook and Trott to reach 517 for 1. Even Rolf Harris is not speaking to me.

This is what you aren’t getting your hands on Kylie

 Well, I woke up this morning to a freezing cold day. Ok, freezing by southern standards, but not for you Northern monkeys. An early morning phone call from Michelle who proceeded to gloat about how all the schools around her were off for the day. So, she had the day off whilst I had to go to work. Well, I suppose some of us have to work to keep her in sledging equipment. As I told her, my taxes pay to keep her on holiday.

The good news is that I cycled to and from work. I have to say it was cold though. I think the cold affected people’s judgement today. I had a number of near hits with cars turning across my path & with pedestrians failing to take proper observations. Perhaps it was me instead. However, I managed to survive both the cold and other road users.

Work is interesting in so far as I keep getting told tentatively about a new line of work, but apparently its all hush hush so we have not yet been told the details yet. Hopefully it will be as good as the trailers for it  – whatever it is.

Shortly after I got home tonight, I was cooking tea when there was a knock at the door and Barney was there asking me to go down the pub with him to watch Orient away at Droylesden in the FA Cup. The game was live on ESPN. The game itself was rather dull and ended in a 1-1 draw, so its back to Brisbane Road next Tuesday for a replay. I’ve got my ticket ordered for that game. Thanks Tony for sorting me out with a ticket. The company was better than the game, and it was good to catch up with Barney.

Winter Wonderland

Well, its been an interesting few days since my last post. Where shall I start? I know, my off/ off relationship with Kylie over the cricket. After the relatively even first day, the honours on the 2nd day definitely went to Kylie and Rolf Harris with England all out for 260 in 1st inning and at end of 2nd day the Convicts on 220-5. Still that is not too bad is it? Well after day 3, we managed to allow the Convicts to amass 481 runs. Allowing them to get 307 runs for the 6th wicket. That gave them a lead of 221 runs after the 1st innings. A defeat looked on the cards. I have to say the Convicts like to gloat don’t they?

I avoided answering the phone all day on Saturday to avoid gloating calls from Kylie. Did she ring you ask? Well as I didn’t answer the phone it defeated her attempts to gloat over the cricket. The fourth day of the five-day test match brought a bit of a fight back from England who scored 309-1. So with only one day left, england are ahead by 88 runs with 9 second innings left. Surely a draw is now on the cards. After the position at the end of the third day, this is a moral victory for England.

 I have to say that after the turnaround in the cricket from Saturday, I have not received a single gloating call from Kylie, nor from her mate Rolf, not even a didgeridoo call. They stay silent when England are on top don’t they? I have not been to work since my last post. The man flu has remained with me. It is a strange illness, it seems to clear up for a few hours, then come back with a vengeance. The symptoms vary between running nose, sore throat, headaches, shivering etc. Some mornings I have woken up bunged up with cold, and it has eased after I got up other mornings I got up feeling fine and rapidly became bunged up. I know, I know, I’m a man and am whingeing. I need to stop whingeing and toughen up. Well if there had been someone here to nurse me last week you may have had a point. I’m still bunged up and a long way from 100% but am hoping to get back to work tomorrow. However, that will depend on: –

a) The Weather – I am intending to cycle to work in the morning, BUT the weather forecast is to be 27F (-3C) when I cycle to work. Allowing for the wind chill factor it will feel 20F (-6C). Too cold to cycle? Also, if it is icy, it may not be safe to cycle.

b) The Tube Strike – yes Bob Crow and his boys are on strike again. A 24 hour strike started on Sunday night, so if it’s not ok to cycle, I may have trouble getting to work. Just for Bob Crow, this song was written

c) My Health – I am assuming & hoping I will have recovered enough still to go to work in the work.


You will all be pleased to know that I finally got my sofas delivered on Friday. At long last! There was a minor hiccup though – of my own making. I suddenly realised I had to get rid of my old sofas. I had not arranged for anyone to help me move them. The would not go through the front door of the house, so had to go out the back and along the side path of the house and squeezed them out of the gate. I had to remove the feet off the sofa to do this. However, I managed it. The new sofas were delivered and are narrower and slightly shorter than the ones they have replaced. So I can say I’ve got some nice leather outfits now. Another chapter drawn to a conclusion, or it will be when I get my compensation from Homebase/ Argos Direct. They are to send me some vouchers for Argos as compensation.

Apart from the cricket, the major talking point over here has been the weather. The media in this country is based in London  and we get an extended news to tells us all about the weather crisis when 1 snowflake falls in London. The fact that 16″ of snow has fallen elsewhere in the UK hardly gets a mention.  The North and East of England has had very cold weather and lots of slow. London has even had temperatures nearly down to freezing point. Michelle came down this weekend with pictures of several inches of snow in Newcastle to show the soft southerners. Its several degrees centigrade colder in Newcastle than in London. Although, the temperature forecast for tomorrow morning in London sounds cold enough to me.

A word of praise is due this post to Michelle who came to the cycling club on Saturday morning and rode a few miles in freezing fog, and even managed to get up the big hill at Hog Hill Cycle Circuit with ease. That girl won’t admit defeat. She is tenacious. Well done.

Saturday afternoon, we went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Boredom Hallows Part 1. If you are thinking of going to see it, I’d advise you not to bother. It is 2+ hours of very little happening. It is not up to the standard of previous films and appears to be merely an exercise in  spinning out a money-making formula. I took an appropriate course of action and had a power nap during the film. After the film, we went round for dinner with Dianne & Greg Nash – a Saturday tradition of sausage egg and chips. It was Michelle’s first initiation to this tradition. It was something arranged at short notice and makes me think the Nashes have my house bugged. Michelle and I were discussing on Saturday afternoon where we would go for a meal after the cinema when Greg rang. to invite us round. Co-incidence? Well, not if you are a paranoid schizophrenic. Dinner was followed by a visit to a local hostelry to watch/ listen to Barney’s girlfriend sing. An entertaining time was had and I have to agree, Anne-Marie is a good singer.

Sunday was a lazy day, but that was rather nice. It was good to spend some time chilling with Michelle and doing very little. I cooked lunch – yes despite what Michelle has told everyone, I can cook. Turkey meatballs in a chilli and tomato sauce served with pasta.

Tonight, despite weather problems, Michelle was due to travel by train home on the 17:30 train, but this was cancelled, as had other trains. London Kings Cross station was packed with people trying to get home. There was a large police presence and crowd control barriers in place to keep people away from the platforms. Were there any members of staff from East Coast Trains? Not likely, nor were there any announcements as to what was going on. The display boards were less than useless.. They showed at 17:30 that the 17:10 train to Leeds was on time despite the departure time having passed without the train arriving on its inbound journey, let alone being cleaned or prepared.

Listening to the announcements from East Coast was rather amusing in an ironic sort of way.

a) “Platform 0 is situated to the right side of the station” – this was announced every few minutes. This despite i) The platform having no trains using it;  and ii) The police having the platform fenced off and closed to the public. This was announced every 5 minutes

b) “Skateboarding, roller skating and cycling is forbidden in the station” – interesting as there was not even sufficient room to stand with your luggage. Wembley on FA Cup Final Day is not as congested as Kings Cross Station was. I am not sure how they expected anyone to skateboard, roller skate or cycle. Crowd surfing was more likely than the activities they described.

c) “Ticket Checks are in operation at your station” – that would be ticket checks for the trains that are not arriving or departing from the station. Do you need a ticket not to travel.

d) “For your safety and convenience smoking is banned inside Kings Cross Station” – I think they intended to go on to say “For your inconvenience, we are not running trains or giving out travel information”

Customer service got even worse as the night went on. I was watching the travel news online after I got home. The last train to Newcastle was due to be the 2000. It was delayed, the delay being extended, until it  was finally shown as going to depart at 2205, some 125 minutes late. However, at 22:00 the train was cancelled. Now those due to travel on that train were left stranded in London, no train home, and owing to a tube strike, no way to get around London. If the train was cancelled at 2000, when it was due to depart, people had a chance to make alternative arrangements for the night, but at 2200, with no tube trains and sub-zero temperatures, there was little thought given to customers. Well done East Coast.

Sorry Kylie – its all off

Until then end of the Ashes it is. I can’t have a relationship with the enemy.

Today marked the start of the Ashes (Australia v England Cricket Series)with the first Test Match in Brisbane and like Harmison’s wide in the first ball 4 years ago, Strauss went for a duck on the 3rd ball of the series. A great example and lead set by our captain. So much for all the hype.

 I managed to watch the first session of the first day via an internet feed found for me by my son. Thanks Tom; as usual he can be relied upon for internet feeds of live sporting events. I knew there was positive reasons for having children. This is also an advantage of being off work ill, namely I can stay up late to watch the coverage from Brisbane live.

For those of you who do not understand cricket, here is a simple explanation:

Cricket: As explained to a foreigner…
You have two sides, one out in the field and one in.

Each man that’s in the side that’s in goes out, and when he’s out he comes in and the next man goes in until he’s out.

When they are all out, the side that’s out comes in and the side that’s been in goes out and tries to get those coming in, out.

Sometimes you get men still in and not out.
When a man goes out to go in, the men who are out try to get him out, and when he is out he goes in and the next man in goes out and goes in.

There are two men called umpires who stay out all the time and they decide when the men who are in are out.
When both sides have been in and all the men have been out, and both sides have been out twice after all the men have been in, including those who are not out, that is the end of the game.

Hopefully now I have clarified that for you all, you will be tuned in to the rest of the Ashes series. As The USA was still in its phase of re construction after the Civil War, the English were playing their first Test Match against the Convicts (Australia). One feature of the Ashes games is the fantastic banter between the English and the Convict. There are some cracking songs at the games, obviously alcohol induced. I mean a game that is played in the sun and last for 6 hours playing time a day for 5 days has got to be a good excuse to drink.

Convict Colony

(To the tune of Yellow Submarine by the Beatles)
In the town where I was born, there lived a man who was a thief
And he told me of his life, stealing bread and shagging sheep.
So they put him in the nick, and then a magistrate he went to see
He said “put him on a ship, to the convict colony”
You all live in a convict colony, a convict colony, a convict colony
You all live in a convict colony, a convict colony, a convict colony

Not Quite The Australian National Anthem – a tribute by the Barmy Army

Sadly, nothing changes with English cricket and we managed to be all out for 260, including a hat trick for Siddle. Maybe in 4 years time……

What else has happened since my last post. Firstly, I am off work suffering man flu. Woke up this morning coughing and sneezing and feeling like someone had kicked me black and blue. I decided not to spread my germs around work and am therefore on the sick. Hopefully I will be feeling better soon.

Well the Homebase saga continues. I got a call from the customer relations department today, who ignored all the issues of the previous day, including the call to say they were delivering yesterday after 4pm. When I said I wanted an explanation as to why I was called at 10:05 yesterday and told I would get the delivery yesterday and why I was told at 17:39 they would call me back but did neither, I was told they would end the call if I continued to be sarcastic! I was also told I was lying when I said I received a call from them at 10:05 confirming the delivery. I offered to play them the voicemail message but was told this was irrelevant.

So it seems that telling the truth is being sarcastic and you are lying about phone calls despite having the recording of the call. This being the customer relations department! The mind boggles at what Homebase think customer relations are.

I asked for a senior manager to call me back and subsequently I did receive a phone call from a manager whose approach was so different from that of her customer relations department employees. Apologies were offered, a new delivery date was sorted and a gesture of compensation was made. So now I just have to see if Homebase (Argos) stick to the new delivery date.

Going Down

With man flu. That sums up the last 24 hours for me.

I was fine at work yesterday, but as I was typing last night’s post, I could feel myself coming down with something. I thought it was just a cold, but….. I woke up this morning feeling pretty rank. Aches and pains everywhere. I went back to bed and only decided to go to work at the last-minute as I was part of a team of 3 people due to deliver a training session to a group of lawyers. I did not want to let my colleagues down, so forced myself to go to work. I really did not feel up to work but managed the day.

I’m no better tonight than I was this morning. Unless I have a miraculous recovery overnight, I will not be in at work in the morning – sorry colleagues. Obviously, I have not cycled today. I had to use that horrible public transport. I say horrid, it’s not really, it’s just the people who use it who are horrid.

I have to offer my thanks to Michelle who showed her love for me by even sharing her flu germs with me. She gets wine flu, I get man flu

Why You Should Avoid Homebase or Argos Direct

Well, they seem to go out of their way to be obnoxious. After last night’s 45 minutes call at my expense to their premium rate number resulted in them telling me the sofas were to be delivered at 12:15 today, despite agreeing previously to deliver after 4pm. It was left that they would call me today to arrange a new delivery date.

To be fair, they did ring me today at 10:05 AM and left a message on my mobile phone confirming that the sofas would be delivered today after 4pm after all. They had managed to re arrange the delivery timing with the warehouse. So, I had to re arrange to leave work early, after only 10 minutes earlier saying I no longer had to leave early as the delivery was not going to take place.

I was home from 4pm today, and waited, and waited. I moved the old furniture outside in anticipation.  The delivery was to be between 4pm and 6pm. At 17:39 there was a call on my mobile phone which I was unable to take. The customer service department rang and said they would keep trying to call me back (voicemail message). Well by 8pm they had not called me again at all, so I rang to find out what was going on. I was told that all the customer service department had gone home at 8pm! So I have no idea where my sofas are, when they will be delivered or why they called me at 10:05 today to say they would deliver today, or why they called at 17:39 and said they were going to ring back.

So far, Homebase have managed to do the following

1. Attempt to charge £400 for a “free sofa”

2. Arranged a delivery for 23rd November 2011 after 4pm, but instead arrange it for 11am-1pm that day, giving only 18 hours notice

3. Cancelled the delivery

4. Called on 23rd November to say they would deliver after 4pm that day

5. Failed to turn up for the delivery on 23rd November

6. Called at 17:39 leaving a message they would attempt to call back

7. Went home without calling back and leaving staff on duty with no idea what is going on.

I spy a complaint coming on. Compensation? You bet it.  The small claims court will be getting a visit from me unless they resolve this matter with appropriate compensation.

Homebase/ Argos Direct – is a company I would avoid after this. The fact they ring me today to tell me they have re arranged the delivery for today and then do not show AND call to say they will call back but don’t. What is that all about?

I’m So Over It

Well as the mists of the weekend clear, there are more memories of the weekend coming to light.

Saturday afternoon when we went to The Vallum farm shop and had tea and a cake, there was a reason for driving there other than that. We had set off there to purchase some of their burgers to take back to London with me. Looks like we managed to forget why we went there. I told you we were rather tired.

After leaving the Vallum we went on a wine hunt. The Spar in Wylam was the first destination but only after Michelle hid behind parked vehicles to avoid ex work colleagues. Sadly the Spar had no bottles of red wine left in the 3 bottles for £10 offer, so we had to drive over to another Spar at the petrol station at Heddon to try to get the wine offer. Fortunately the mission was successfully accomplished, so it was now time to head home.

Tea on saturday night we decided would be a chinese takeaway. After choosing the food I suggested we telephone the order in, and even dialled the place before Michele decided it would be easier to go to collect the food. Simple? Well, someone then decided 30 minutes later we should telephone the order in and have it ready for when we get there to collect it. Why didn’t we do that earlier? Yes, Michelle, why didn’t we do it earlier? We could have avoided the lengthy wait at the chinese if you had telephoned earlier

After getting and eating the chinese we snuggled on sofa to watch THAT film. A drink or two was in order. Obviously after the miles we drove for the wine, we’d be drinking that wouldn’t we? Erm….no, we had vodka instead! Clearly not a lot of thinking was done on Saturday.

Sunday morning we were to replace the 2 light bulbs that had blown in the bathroom and 1 in the kitchen. Easy surely? Well, erm we forgot. Whoops!

I should mention that Michelle actually introduced me to one of her friends this weekend – Hello Judith. It’s the first time she has introduced me to any of her friends. I must have started behaving better!

For those worrying about the three bottles of wine we bought on Saturday, I am pleased to re assure you that we managed to drink them on Sunday with Judith and with Michelle’s parents!

Work today was erm……well it was.

After the saga with my sofas, Homebase agreed to deliver them tomorrow (Tuesday) after 16:00. Sorted? Well not when Homebase text me at 16:30 today to say they will be delivering between 11:00 and 13:00 – now call me old-fashioned but that is not after 16:00 is it? I rang them to say I would not be in between 11:00 and 13:00 as I had told them last week. I suggested we re arrange delivery for another date. This can’t be done until they have failed to deliver the sofa tomorrow! Do they think I am lying and will actually be home tomorrow. Customer Service? Homebase could be onto a winner if they introduced such a concept!

The glood news is Michelle and I have booked another two weekends to London and Newcastle in January. I’d love to book more, but its a start.

I’m so over it

Older, not Wiser

Well blog, it’s a Monday morning, I am on a train heading to London from Newcastle. A 275 mile each way commute to work? Not really viable financially or health wise, but its a small price to pay to spend time with loved ones.

Friday night brought a great meal out at Fratellis  (sorry Tom) with Michelle, her parents and her 2 boys. It was her eldest’s birthday on Sunday. He was 18 according to Michelle, but I reckon she was lying. There is no way she looks old enough to have an 18-year-old son. I have to confess to partaking in the odd bottle or 3 of red wine on Friday night, plus a couple of small vodkas.  The result of this being that Saturday started at 12 noon, rather than earlier. In fact I’m not really sure Saturday happened. We managed to go as far as The Vallum for a cup of tea and a slice of cake. It was nearly fatal sitting in there near a nice warm radiator. Warmth, good food and comfortable seat are a recipe for sleep. Either that or we are getting old.

Saturday night, we decided to snuggle up on the sofa with the vodka and watch a DVD. Michelle chose “The Boat That Rocked” and promptly fell asleep leaving me to watch it. Michelle woke up at the end and said “I never thought it was much of a film when I saw it!” Thanks Michelle you could have saved me 2 hours! LOL

Sunday seemed to be a busy day, but I’m not sure why or what we did. I offered to take Michelle’s 2 dogs for a walk. I let them off the lead as usual at the local Business Park. I was speaking to a friend there when I realised one of the dogs was missing. Yes, he’d got bored and legged it home. I had visions of having to tell Michelle I had lost her dog. I think I’d have been in the dog’s house if that was the case. Fortunately, I saw him ahead, shouted of him and he waited for me, so I was able to return home with them both on leads and pretend to Michelle nothing had happened!

As yesterday was Jack’s birthday, we had a cake and more alcohol in the afternoon. [Anyone starting to notice a pattern here? Tom – no sarcasm please]. After a great meal cooked by Michelle, we walked the dogs (and no they didn’t make a break for freedom this time) and had an early night. Early because we had to be up at silly o’clock to get to station for the 0600 train. When I saw we, I mean I HAD to be up at silly o’clock, but Michelle volunteered to get up to take me to the station. Is that lady a star or what? (Correct answer is She is a star – my shining star (and my taxi driver)).

I have a surprisingly busy week ahead. I am training tomorrow and also supposed to be at home to get some furniture delivered (2 places at once). Wednesday night I am taking part in some market research and Thursday I am training again, then on Friday, a certain person is coming to visit me for the weekend and I can’t wait to be with them.

Will I get time to cycle? Hmmmm – not sure about that.

Well time to end this post now as we are nearing London Kings Cross

Time Flies By When You’re The Driver of a Train

speeding out of Chigley with a cargo of cocaine

With apologies to the 4 lads from The Wirral who shook the world. Some of you may have recognised the lyrics from Birkenhead’s finest band ( ok then only band).


Why am I quoting their lyrics? Probably because I have dodgy musical taste, but more realistically because I am on the train heading to Newcastle. No, for once, it’s not to go to the football, its to go to see a certain young lady. A lady who claims her son is 18 this weekend. I have to say I don’t believe her, she doesn’t look old enough to have an 11-year-old let alone an 18-year-old.

It’s a busy night tonight. Off the train, head to Michelle’s, the almost immediately out for a family meal at my new favourite restaurant Fratellis. The taxi is booked, so no worries re drinking and driving. I feel a red wine and vodka fuelled night. I’ve got the bad jokes ready.

The rest of the weekend should give Michelle and I some time together. The weekends don’t come round fast enough and are over too quickly, so we need to make the most of the time together.

Well, since my last post, the week has been interesting. Homebase decided to take the course of least resistance and are giving me the 2nd sofa free of charge. I have to say that investigations by me – indicate that other companies in the same group are selling the 2 sofas at a saving of £200, not giving one free. A  result I  think for me and a saving of £399.96 on the cost. Sofas hopefully arriving next week!

I have also managed to settle an insurance claim relating to theft from my car and should have a BACS payment for this in my account early next week. It gets better as work have paid me the expenses claim that is outstanding, so its all good. Six numbers this Saturday on the lottery would still be very welcome. I would be left with a serious quandary if I did get those six numbers. Santa Monica or the Maldives for the immediate escape. They both have their attractions. If it was this weekend, I think it would be Santa Monica. Maldives if I win next year perhaps? Butlins at Bognor if I get 3 numbers!

Not much cycling this week. A 30+ miles ride last monday and that’s it owing to various issues and apathy. I didn’t cycle on Wednesday as I was going to Wembley to watch England v France. A great advert for football; well the French might have been. England were awful. The atmosphere was awful as well. We lasted till half time and joined the exodus down Wembley Way. We headed across London to Liverpool St and had a few beers there before heading back to mine. Well Kev & Stu did, Chris went to his luxury digs in Kings Cross – what was it £20 per night? The only one with sense was Brian who went home instead of going to Wembley.

I also went to see Orient in the FA Cup against Dagenham on Tuesday night. The big East London derby! Eat you hearts out West Ham! Orient laboured to beat a poor Dagenham side, but it is only the result that matters as it puts the O’s into the next round and a live TV game at Droylsden as well as £27,000 for beating Dagenham and £72,000 for being on TV at Droylsden. A good pay-day for a little club who normally take less than £60,000 at the turnstiles for a home game.

Have a good weekend and be like me and stay sober.

Its Going Down

Well another day over. This was a day with an autumnal/ winter feel. I woke up today to frost on the cars in the street, but still it was sunny. There was virtually no wind. A perfect day to ride to work, in fact so perfect that I was out early and in the office well before 0900. I can’t remember the last time I was in work before 0900, apart from the 3 days I was in York last month. There is a certain pleasure in wrapping up warm on a cold day and getting out on your bike. Not tried it? Then you don’t know what you are missing. Try it!

 Work today was….erm… Now what did I do? Drank tea, moved some books from one room to another and that’s about it. It’s ironic that the government are making cuts everywhere and I am finding myself currently under employed. I am not the only one in the situation.

 Why am I under employed? Well I was due to start work on a major inspection, but for reasons I am not privy to (but I suspect political reasons) that inspection has been “postponed” indefinitely. A new inspection is in the planning phase, but it will be some time before that comes to fruition, so in the meantime, it’s trying to find things to keep me occupied.

 I am actually using the time to brush up on my knowledge of the law and reading up on recent changes in the law. So I suppose I shouldn’t be complaining. But its far more fun complaining than not complaining. Apparently I need practice in complaining – don’t I?

 Still, it’s not all doom and gloom, I left work promptly tonight and road the long way home, increasing the mileage of the return trip from 12.6 miles to 20.6 miles. There is something rather enjoyable about wrapping up warm…..I’m sure I’ve said this before. It’s even better riding when wrapped up against the cold and riding with a good set of lights on. I bought a set of AY-UP lights in January 2009. They are thoroughly recommended. They are great to see by and excellent to be seen by. They may not be cheap, but what value is your life?

 As I sit typing this, I’m freezing cold. Why? Well some idiot turned the heating down last night thinking it was not needed. Anyone with any sense would go upstairs and turn the boiler back up, but not me. I’m too lazy to walk up 14 steps so am sitting here cold instead. As I type this I realise how stupid and lazy I sound. In fact I’ve shamed myself into going upstairs to turn the boiler up.


 Right, that is boiler turned up. Shame heating is due to go off shortly on the timer.

 I have to confess that I am not sure why I am writing the entry today. My internet connection is down, so I cannot post this onto my blog. Virgin are apparently trying to fix a fault that is affecting Barking, Dagenham and Redbridge. It is a large area to be without broadband. Apparently they expect to have the fault fixed by midnight.

 As you are reading this, you will have gathered that I have got back online. Not without some problems as I had to ring Virgin and get them to do some tampering remotely. Still all done swiftly and amazingly helpful people there.

When is Free Not Free?

Just a quick post today to warn you to beware that certain High Street Stores seem unable to distinguish between the truth and fraudulent activity.

On Saturday afternoon I was in Homebase looking for new sofas for my house. I found a 3 seater sofa advertised at £699.90. This sofa was also advertised as coming with a free 2 seater sofa. So that would be a 3 seater sofa and a 2 seater sofa for £699.99 would it not? Well not according to Homebase, the 3 seater sofa with a free 2 seater sofa is £1099.95! So the “free” sofa is actually costing £399.96. Strange definition of free they are using.

Homebase Seven Kings 13th November 2010


I’ve just pointed out to Homebase they are committing Fraud Act offences of Fraud by Misrepresentation and also criminal offences in relation to the Consumer Protection Act. I wonder if they will actually sell me the sofas for £699.99 or will I have to make formal complaints to the Trading Standards.

Watch this space.