Well, who would have thought it, Kevin Nolan top scorer in the Premiership, the Toon in 7th place and the Mackems not even at the races. It rounded off a good weekend.

Friday night brought a quiet night in , four or five bottles of wine between us, hysterical giggling and an unfunny Peter Kay compilation video- not as good as his stand up shows. Oh, and we had a few munchies that seemed to disappear rapidly. I blame the dog who had a liking for pinching the cheese whenever we turned away!!!!!! Charlie – you’re not a scouse dog

Saturday lunchtime Michelle and I went to watch Josh play for Ryton U11s at Hetton Le Hole. The field next to the football pitch had McDonald’s Happy Meals in preparation or Shetland ponies as some people call them.

Saturday night Tom came to stay with Michelle and I. We all went out in Ponteland, Tom to the pub with a friend and Michelle & I off to Fratelli’s restaurant and then the Diamond Pub to meet back with Tom. I have to recommend Fratelli’s to anyone wanting great food and good wine.

Back at the Diamond we met a truly classy lady. Well if that’s what you call someone with a mouth on her that is louder and cruder than a drunken navvie. What really rounded it off was when she approached michelle and I and in a loud voice started to tell us, and 1/2 of Ponteland about the pervert who looked at her as she was “having a piss in the car park”. Yes, a really classy lady!

What can one say about Sunday? Great result, I was sober enough to remember to go home for my tea. (See Michelle, it is possible for a male to come home from the pub on time – that might be because I’m not a Horsley male!). Did he enjoy his tea?

Monday brought a beautiful morning in Horsley to walk the dogs. Then it was farewell to Michelle and a drive down the A68 and onto Kirk Merrington to collect Tom and see my parents. Then the drive to London via Kettering. Dropping Tom off in Kettering, it was nice to have a cuppa and a chat with Louise (my ex wife). I have to say that it is great that we can remain friends despite having had to live together previously!

I arrived home tonight to a letter from East Coast Trains Ltd regarding my complaint that on 3 occassions they had failed to supply me with a set of train tickets I needed. It was nice to read they are offering me a free 1st class trip from London to Newcastle. Shame the voucher was dated to expire on 31st October 2010. The letter was dated 16th August and sent special delivery which guaranteeds the next day delivery. I’d love to know what has happened there! So, I have written another letter of complaint to them….. I think its great, my complaint about letters being delayed/ lost is itself delayed!

Still no cycling though

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