12 Months Ago

Well, 12 months ago today believe it or not, it was the 12th November 2009. Amazing fact eh? I bet you are looking up your last year’s calendar to check this out.

Seriously 12 months ago I was laid up and in some considerable pain following my accident on 5th November. At the time I was suffering from whiplash injury. My knee was hurting but it only felt like bruising to the knee. How different things turned out. The whiplash settled down over a few weeks, but the knee got worse and still troubles me to this day. I’m still trying to avoid an operation on my knee. If I really wanted people to shove things in me whilst I was unconscious, I’d go down the gay club and take the rohypnol spiked drink on offer.

Its been a quiet week for me after the hectic nature of the weekend just gone. Work is still relatively quiet for me. Although it looks as though I will be starting a new inspection in the near future. I understand we are likely to be out on site in December and January. Great eh? Just when the weather is at its worst, I will be expected to be travelling round the country! Don’t you just love it.

The weather this week has not been the best for cycling. It was so bad on Thursday morning, i abandoned my ride after only 1/2 mile and got the train to work. The wind was too dangerous- a head wind and very gusty. The train was then delayed and took nearly 50 minutes to do a 20 minute journey. However, the ride home was rather swift  with a nice tailwind  🙂

This weekend is going to be rather quiet. I’m not seeing Michelle,Tom is not coming down and there is no football to go to. I seem to have made a bit of a mistake in the planning. It is made worse by the fact Michelle is home alone as well as Josh is with his dad.  Instead of trying to avoid X Factor  tomorrow night, I could be going for a meal at Fratellis in Ponteland. Grrrr

I suppose the story of the week is the riot by students protesting about the proposed fees for university education. These students are not the brightest are they? I mean:

a) rioting in front of the worlds press is not the best way to avoid being caught

b) rioting is not the way to persuade those going about their work to pay taxes to send you to university that you deserve more tax money to keep you

c) breaking into a building, then setting fire to the 4th floor before going up onto the roof of the building to wave flags whilst the fire rages below is not the safest way to act.

The riot was within 1/2 mile of my work place, but it did not affect my journey to / from work or even the working day. A very localised riot.

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