When is Free Not Free?

Just a quick post today to warn you to beware that certain High Street Stores seem unable to distinguish between the truth and fraudulent activity.

On Saturday afternoon I was in Homebase looking for new sofas for my house. I found a 3 seater sofa advertised at £699.90. This sofa was also advertised as coming with a free 2 seater sofa. So that would be a 3 seater sofa and a 2 seater sofa for £699.99 would it not? Well not according to Homebase, the 3 seater sofa with a free 2 seater sofa is £1099.95! So the “free” sofa is actually costing £399.96. Strange definition of free they are using.

Homebase Seven Kings 13th November 2010


I’ve just pointed out to Homebase they are committing Fraud Act offences of Fraud by Misrepresentation and also criminal offences in relation to the Consumer Protection Act. I wonder if they will actually sell me the sofas for £699.99 or will I have to make formal complaints to the Trading Standards.

Watch this space.

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