Its Going Down

Well another day over. This was a day with an autumnal/ winter feel. I woke up today to frost on the cars in the street, but still it was sunny. There was virtually no wind. A perfect day to ride to work, in fact so perfect that I was out early and in the office well before 0900. I can’t remember the last time I was in work before 0900, apart from the 3 days I was in York last month. There is a certain pleasure in wrapping up warm on a cold day and getting out on your bike. Not tried it? Then you don’t know what you are missing. Try it!

 Work today was….erm… Now what did I do? Drank tea, moved some books from one room to another and that’s about it. It’s ironic that the government are making cuts everywhere and I am finding myself currently under employed. I am not the only one in the situation.

 Why am I under employed? Well I was due to start work on a major inspection, but for reasons I am not privy to (but I suspect political reasons) that inspection has been “postponed” indefinitely. A new inspection is in the planning phase, but it will be some time before that comes to fruition, so in the meantime, it’s trying to find things to keep me occupied.

 I am actually using the time to brush up on my knowledge of the law and reading up on recent changes in the law. So I suppose I shouldn’t be complaining. But its far more fun complaining than not complaining. Apparently I need practice in complaining – don’t I?

 Still, it’s not all doom and gloom, I left work promptly tonight and road the long way home, increasing the mileage of the return trip from 12.6 miles to 20.6 miles. There is something rather enjoyable about wrapping up warm…..I’m sure I’ve said this before. It’s even better riding when wrapped up against the cold and riding with a good set of lights on. I bought a set of AY-UP lights in January 2009. They are thoroughly recommended. They are great to see by and excellent to be seen by. They may not be cheap, but what value is your life?

 As I sit typing this, I’m freezing cold. Why? Well some idiot turned the heating down last night thinking it was not needed. Anyone with any sense would go upstairs and turn the boiler back up, but not me. I’m too lazy to walk up 14 steps so am sitting here cold instead. As I type this I realise how stupid and lazy I sound. In fact I’ve shamed myself into going upstairs to turn the boiler up.


 Right, that is boiler turned up. Shame heating is due to go off shortly on the timer.

 I have to confess that I am not sure why I am writing the entry today. My internet connection is down, so I cannot post this onto my blog. Virgin are apparently trying to fix a fault that is affecting Barking, Dagenham and Redbridge. It is a large area to be without broadband. Apparently they expect to have the fault fixed by midnight.

 As you are reading this, you will have gathered that I have got back online. Not without some problems as I had to ring Virgin and get them to do some tampering remotely. Still all done swiftly and amazingly helpful people there.

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