Older, not Wiser

Well blog, it’s a Monday morning, I am on a train heading to London from Newcastle. A 275 mile each way commute to work? Not really viable financially or health wise, but its a small price to pay to spend time with loved ones.

Friday night brought a great meal out at Fratellis  (sorry Tom) with Michelle, her parents and her 2 boys. It was her eldest’s birthday on Sunday. He was 18 according to Michelle, but I reckon she was lying. There is no way she looks old enough to have an 18-year-old son. I have to confess to partaking in the odd bottle or 3 of red wine on Friday night, plus a couple of small vodkas.  The result of this being that Saturday started at 12 noon, rather than earlier. In fact I’m not really sure Saturday happened. We managed to go as far as The Vallum www.vallumfarm.co.uk for a cup of tea and a slice of cake. It was nearly fatal sitting in there near a nice warm radiator. Warmth, good food and comfortable seat are a recipe for sleep. Either that or we are getting old.

Saturday night, we decided to snuggle up on the sofa with the vodka and watch a DVD. Michelle chose “The Boat That Rocked” and promptly fell asleep leaving me to watch it. Michelle woke up at the end and said “I never thought it was much of a film when I saw it!” Thanks Michelle you could have saved me 2 hours! LOL

Sunday seemed to be a busy day, but I’m not sure why or what we did. I offered to take Michelle’s 2 dogs for a walk. I let them off the lead as usual at the local Business Park. I was speaking to a friend there when I realised one of the dogs was missing. Yes, he’d got bored and legged it home. I had visions of having to tell Michelle I had lost her dog. I think I’d have been in the dog’s house if that was the case. Fortunately, I saw him ahead, shouted of him and he waited for me, so I was able to return home with them both on leads and pretend to Michelle nothing had happened!

As yesterday was Jack’s birthday, we had a cake and more alcohol in the afternoon. [Anyone starting to notice a pattern here? Tom – no sarcasm please]. After a great meal cooked by Michelle, we walked the dogs (and no they didn’t make a break for freedom this time) and had an early night. Early because we had to be up at silly o’clock to get to station for the 0600 train. When I saw we, I mean I HAD to be up at silly o’clock, but Michelle volunteered to get up to take me to the station. Is that lady a star or what? (Correct answer is She is a star – my shining star (and my taxi driver)).

I have a surprisingly busy week ahead. I am training tomorrow and also supposed to be at home to get some furniture delivered (2 places at once). Wednesday night I am taking part in some market research and Thursday I am training again, then on Friday, a certain person is coming to visit me for the weekend and I can’t wait to be with them.

Will I get time to cycle? Hmmmm – not sure about that.

Well time to end this post now as we are nearing London Kings Cross

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