Going Down

With man flu. That sums up the last 24 hours for me.

I was fine at work yesterday, but as I was typing last night’s post, I could feel myself coming down with something. I thought it was just a cold, but….. I woke up this morning feeling pretty rank. Aches and pains everywhere. I went back to bed and only decided to go to work at the last-minute as I was part of a team of 3 people due to deliver a training session to a group of lawyers. I did not want to let my colleagues down, so forced myself to go to work. I really did not feel up to work but managed the day.

I’m no better tonight than I was this morning. Unless I have a miraculous recovery overnight, I will not be in at work in the morning – sorry colleagues. Obviously, I have not cycled today. I had to use that horrible public transport. I say horrid, it’s not really, it’s just the people who use it who are horrid.

I have to offer my thanks to Michelle who showed her love for me by even sharing her flu germs with me. She gets wine flu, I get man flu

Why You Should Avoid Homebase or Argos Direct

Well, they seem to go out of their way to be obnoxious. After last night’s 45 minutes call at my expense to their premium rate number resulted in them telling me the sofas were to be delivered at 12:15 today, despite agreeing previously to deliver after 4pm. It was left that they would call me today to arrange a new delivery date.

To be fair, they did ring me today at 10:05 AM and left a message on my mobile phone confirming that the sofas would be delivered today after 4pm after all. They had managed to re arrange the delivery timing with the warehouse. So, I had to re arrange to leave work early, after only 10 minutes earlier saying I no longer had to leave early as the delivery was not going to take place.

I was home from 4pm today, and waited, and waited. I moved the old furniture outside in anticipation.  The delivery was to be between 4pm and 6pm. At 17:39 there was a call on my mobile phone which I was unable to take. The customer service department rang and said they would keep trying to call me back (voicemail message). Well by 8pm they had not called me again at all, so I rang to find out what was going on. I was told that all the customer service department had gone home at 8pm! So I have no idea where my sofas are, when they will be delivered or why they called me at 10:05 today to say they would deliver today, or why they called at 17:39 and said they were going to ring back.

So far, Homebase have managed to do the following

1. Attempt to charge £400 for a “free sofa”

2. Arranged a delivery for 23rd November 2011 after 4pm, but instead arrange it for 11am-1pm that day, giving only 18 hours notice

3. Cancelled the delivery

4. Called on 23rd November to say they would deliver after 4pm that day

5. Failed to turn up for the delivery on 23rd November

6. Called at 17:39 leaving a message they would attempt to call back

7. Went home without calling back and leaving staff on duty with no idea what is going on.

I spy a complaint coming on. Compensation? You bet it.  The small claims court will be getting a visit from me unless they resolve this matter with appropriate compensation.

Homebase/ Argos Direct – is a company I would avoid after this. The fact they ring me today to tell me they have re arranged the delivery for today and then do not show AND call to say they will call back but don’t. What is that all about?

I’m So Over It

Well as the mists of the weekend clear, there are more memories of the weekend coming to light.

Saturday afternoon when we went to The Vallum farm shop and had tea and a cake, there was a reason for driving there other than that. We had set off there to purchase some of their burgers to take back to London with me. Looks like we managed to forget why we went there. I told you we were rather tired.

After leaving the Vallum we went on a wine hunt. The Spar in Wylam was the first destination but only after Michelle hid behind parked vehicles to avoid ex work colleagues. Sadly the Spar had no bottles of red wine left in the 3 bottles for £10 offer, so we had to drive over to another Spar at the petrol station at Heddon to try to get the wine offer. Fortunately the mission was successfully accomplished, so it was now time to head home.

Tea on saturday night we decided would be a chinese takeaway. After choosing the food I suggested we telephone the order in, and even dialled the place before Michele decided it would be easier to go to collect the food. Simple? Well, someone then decided 30 minutes later we should telephone the order in and have it ready for when we get there to collect it. Why didn’t we do that earlier? Yes, Michelle, why didn’t we do it earlier? We could have avoided the lengthy wait at the chinese if you had telephoned earlier

After getting and eating the chinese we snuggled on sofa to watch THAT film. A drink or two was in order. Obviously after the miles we drove for the wine, we’d be drinking that wouldn’t we? Erm….no, we had vodka instead! Clearly not a lot of thinking was done on Saturday.

Sunday morning we were to replace the 2 light bulbs that had blown in the bathroom and 1 in the kitchen. Easy surely? Well, erm we forgot. Whoops!

I should mention that Michelle actually introduced me to one of her friends this weekend – Hello Judith. It’s the first time she has introduced me to any of her friends. I must have started behaving better!

For those worrying about the three bottles of wine we bought on Saturday, I am pleased to re assure you that we managed to drink them on Sunday with Judith and with Michelle’s parents!

Work today was erm……well it was.

After the saga with my sofas, Homebase agreed to deliver them tomorrow (Tuesday) after 16:00. Sorted? Well not when Homebase text me at 16:30 today to say they will be delivering between 11:00 and 13:00 – now call me old-fashioned but that is not after 16:00 is it? I rang them to say I would not be in between 11:00 and 13:00 as I had told them last week. I suggested we re arrange delivery for another date. This can’t be done until they have failed to deliver the sofa tomorrow! Do they think I am lying and will actually be home tomorrow. Customer Service? Homebase could be onto a winner if they introduced such a concept!

The glood news is Michelle and I have booked another two weekends to London and Newcastle in January. I’d love to book more, but its a start.

I’m so over it