Going Down

With man flu. That sums up the last 24 hours for me.

I was fine at work yesterday, but as I was typing last night’s post, I could feel myself coming down with something. I thought it was just a cold, but….. I woke up this morning feeling pretty rank. Aches and pains everywhere. I went back to bed and only decided to go to work at the last-minute as I was part of a team of 3 people due to deliver a training session to a group of lawyers. I did not want to let my colleagues down, so forced myself to go to work. I really did not feel up to work but managed the day.

I’m no better tonight than I was this morning. Unless I have a miraculous recovery overnight, I will not be in at work in the morning – sorry colleagues. Obviously, I have not cycled today. I had to use that horrible public transport. I say horrid, it’s not really, it’s just the people who use it who are horrid.

I have to offer my thanks to Michelle who showed her love for me by even sharing her flu germs with me. She gets wine flu, I get man flu

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