Premature Ejection

 Well, its been a few days since my last post. Why?

I could say that I have been snowed in since then and unable to access the internet. I could say it, but it would of course be a complete lie. Obviously if I was a tabloid journalist, then I would not worry about inventing “facts”. However as a lawyer with a background in defending those wrongly accused of crimes ( I only ever defended the innocent – well they told me they were innocent), I would of course never tell anything less than the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Last Thursday I woke up to a covering of snow. Whilst those soft northerners were bleating on about having 12-18 inches of snow, us in London were bravely not battling with 1-2 inches of snow. Whilst those northerners were getting to work and going about their normal lives, us in London were ringing in work getting the day off, or sitting on trains stuck in the massive amounts of snow. The national news explained to those in the north how the snow in London had affected us all here and how we were suffering. I bet those in the north learned just how hardy Londoners are.

Me? I chose to work at home, having had the foresight to take my laptop home the previous evening. So a day in the warmth at home, but no cycling. Well to be honest the street I live in was not safe to walk in let alone cycle in. It was a mixture of ice and snow.

Friday, I decided to take public transport to work as the road in my street was still very dangerous. I eventually made my way to the railway station at Seven Kings, but the trains were all up the spout. At 0945 they were still making announcements about the 0730 train being delayed still. Eventually a train did arrive on the platform but seemingly broke down. it was a train heading into the nearby sidings, but stopped on the platform and never moved again whilst I was there. There were no announcements given by the rail company. I gave up and went to work from home again. I eventually found out from the local newspaper website the explanation and it was a good one?

Wrong type of snow – No

Leaves on the line? – no

Signal failure – not likely

Problem with overhead power cables – not this time

 London Snow and “lack of air” cause chaos for Redbridge trains

Friday, 3 December, 2010
11:01 AM

TRAINS passing through the borough are running with severe delays, with some reporting they have “run out of air.”

National Express East Anglia has warned some trains could be up to 45 minutes late because of the poor weather conditions.

But one commuter, who boarded at Seven Kings, said his train was at a standstill for up to 40 minutes before passengers were told they had to get off at Forest Gate.

He said: “They said the train had run out of air and they would need to get more air pumped into it.

“I have never heard of that happening and don’t know what it means


 Lack of air? Where?, I’m not sure. I was certainly able to breathe and I never saw people looking like they were short of breath at or around the station. How does a railway run out of air? Answers would be welcome – preferably from National Express East Anglia, the rail company, but alternatively from you the readers.

Through the wonders of modern technology, I was able to connect to the office server and work as if I was in my office.  It made me realise that for large parts of my work, I could work from home. This would save a fortune for my employers in office space they need to rent. Will they ever consider it? I doubt it, I do after all work in the Civil Service, and their values are rather different from mine in terms of saving and spending monies.

Friday night brought a bit of a thaw with temperatures overnight much warmer than during the day. It was the same in Australia as our boys turned up the heat on the Convicts in the second test. Having skittled them out for 245, England were on their way to a huge first innings lead. Kylie love did you stay up to watch your boys get a spanking. Why won’t you take my calls to discuss the cricket.

Saturday brought a visit to the cycling club. I was on bike hire duties for LVYCC. My street was still covered in ice and driving was difficult at 09:00 as I headed off to the cycling club. By the time I returned home at around 15:00 (club, and a bit of retail therapy at a couple of local bike shops), the ice had gone from my street. The rate of thaw was incredible. I have to say I never expected it to thaw so quickly.

The contrast between here and Newcastle was remarkable with Michelle not sure if she would be able to go out with her friends for their annual christmas get together. The roads were still dangerous up there. Fortunately Michelle was able to get to the meal and see her friends. She partied whilst I dozed on the sofa in preparation for a late night watching the cricket. After a late night chat with a remarkably sober Michelle, she went to sleep, and I watched the internet. Cricket being the subject, not porn – you dirty minded lot!

Sunday, well Sunday came and went. What did I do? Erm….erm….erm. So, did I say Sunday came and went. I did tidy up a bit of the house, but it still ended up looking messier than it was before I started! The story of my life.

Monday brought me back to work. I wrapped up well, 3 tops, 3 pairs of socks, overshoes, skullcap etc and I cycled in and home from work. It was actually a pleasant ride, well apart from the visit from the P*nct*re fairy halfway home. A cold change of inner tube and I was on my way again. When I got home, I repaired the inner tube and decided to clean the chain on my bike, so it was out with the bike stand and the steam cleaner. Cleaning done, I left the bike outside to dry off before I brought it in the house.

A couple of hours later, I brought the bike in, but by this time it was covered in a heavy frost! It was quite surprising to see how much frost had gathered in a short time. I also managed to speak to Michelle for the first time in around 24 hours. it’s probably the longest  we’ve gone without speaking for months. It was far too long to go between speaking with her.

However, the big event of Monday was the stunning news that Newcastle had sacked their manager. This came like a bolt from the blue and makes the club look like a laughing-stock. A realistic hope for Newcastle this season would be to finish 17th and avoid relegation. Instead in December we are 11th, having won away at Arsenal, West Ham, and Everton, hammered Aston Villa 6-0, got our biggest win over the Mackems in years 5-1 and drawn at home to Chelsea as well as winning at Chelsea in the League Cup. Once again our chairman has made us look a laughing-stock. Three times in 3 years he has sacked managers – each time when we are 11th in the Premiership. Does the Fat Cockney have a problem with being 11th?

Tuesday brought another day on public transport as I had to leave work early to get over to see Leyton Orient in the FA Cup. I chose a day when the trains were messed up all day. The explanation this time is overhead power line problems whatever that means. The trains were still screwed up going home, so much so that I ended up getting the tube to Newbury Park and walking home. I did get home in time to head back out to Leyton to see Orient v Droylesden in the FA Cup 2nd round replay. Droylesden are a semi professional outfit from Manchester. They are 4 divisions below Orient and should have been no match for them. The lack of a crowd art the game clearly thought the result was a foregone conclusion (1345 at the game, including a massive 69 Droylesden fans)

After a little over an hour, Orient were down to 10 men, 2-0 down and playing awfully. I was frozen and not enjoying the game. Then Droylesden got a 3rd goal – game over. Also, Tony & Lisa, the couple who got me a free ticket were suffering from the cold, so I left to take them home and spare me from this torture. As I drove away in the car, the radio said Orient had pulled a goal back and it was now 1-2! 1-2? But I had seen Droylesden score 3 times? Then Droylseden had a man sent off, 10  aside now. Orient equalised, then went down to 9 men. Extra time – Droylesden had a man sent off and also their manager was sent off and Orient scored another SIX goals to come from 2 down to win 8-2. What a comeback, and I missed it all!!!! Am I bothered – actually no I’m not. I was cold and not enjoying what I had seen, and was glad to leave.

Reading the match reports online, it seems that the “third” goal I saw Droylesden score was ruled out for offside. I was perhaps too quick to walk! LOL


 Can you spot all 69 Droylesden Fans? – Nope neither can I

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