Igloo & Polar Bears

Yes, I’m in the frozen north this weekend. Its 11 days since I was last on Tyneside, but it seems a lot longer.

The last couple of days have been taken up with travelling.

I was up on Thursday @ 0500, out of house @ 0600 on my way to York to deliver a training session to CPS lawyers. I got back in the house @ 1930 & immediately headed out again to a cycling club committee meeting! Eventually getting home after 2300!

Friday was another training session to deliver, this time in London & then a dash to Kings Cross for the cattle truck service to Newcastle. Its not the fact the train was crowded, or the fact half of the train toilets were not working that made it unpleasant.

No, the real problem was all the Jocks heading home. Its still compulsory for them to be drunk & obnoxious on the train.

Add to that people (not just Jocks) who think they need to shout their trivial conversation to their mate in the next seat.

Finally top off with people who seem to believe everyone want to know they are on the train & what time they want the person on the other end of the phone to pick them up!

Who are you calling grumpy? I’m actually rather happy as I have a very welcoming reception committee waiting for me @ Newcastle Central Station!

Well I hope they are waiting for me as its far too cold to be outside waiting. I am becoming acclimatised to the tropical climate in London, or pollution & global warming as its commonly called.

I keep seeing white stuff outside the train window. Not sure I remember what it is.

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