Que Sera, Sera; Whatever We’ll Be, We’ll Be.

Or should that be

# Tell me Ma, me Ma

I won’t be home for tea

I’m going to Wembley

What am I ranting on about you are asking yourselves? The FA Cup 3rd round is not until next month. The FA Cup 2nd round replays were last week, so it’s surely not anything to do with Leyton Orient Or Newcastle United.

Well, last night Spennymoor Town FC (http://www.spennymoortownfc.co.uk/ ) won away in the FA Vase 3rd round against Scarborough Athletic FC (http://www.scarboroughathletic.com ) at  the 3rd attempt of staging the tie. The tie was played at Scarborough’s current home in Bridlington. The old Scarborough FC were wound up on 20th June 2007. After being a leading light in non league football, they were the first club to gain automatic promotion to the Football League in 1987. The high point in their career in the league came in 1989 when they beat Chelsea in the League Cup at home 3-1 after drawing away 1-1.

Sadly for Scarborough, in 1999 they lost their place in the league in the last seconds of the last day of the season when the Carlisle goalkeeper scored a goal against Plymouth that kept Carlisle in the League but condemned Scarborough to their first relegation ever.

Anyway, after Scarborough were relegated they got into more financial trouble and eventually were wound up in the High Court on 20th June 2007. A new club was formed 5 days later but have not been able to play at the old ground which remains chained up. It is sad to see the ground today decaying away.

The McCain Stadium sadly decaying away

As I am typing this post, I have just been advised that Spennymoor will play away at Cadbury Heath FC from Bristol in the 4th round of the FA Vase. (There are 6 rounds, then the semi-finals and final) It’s a long haul from Spennymoor to Bristol, but hopefully a good result can be obtained. In this competition, Spennymoor have not been beyond the 4th round. Cadbury Heath FC are in level six of the non league pyramid. Spennymoor are at level five, so should be better than Cadbury Heath, at least on paper. I know, I know, football is played on grass not paper.

I am not sure yet if I am going to be able to make it down to Bristol for the game.

Well, I’m still not cycling much. I set off to cycle in yesterday, got 1 mile down  the road and got another puncture in the rear wheel. The tyre is clearly shot, so I walked back home and went in by public transport. I bought 2 new tyres last night and fitted one of them today, but the first 2 inner tubes I tried were damaged, so after I eventually got the tyre inflated with a 3rd inner tube. I decided I couldn’t face cycle in and got the tube again.

I promise that weather permitting I will cycle in tomorrow.  The forecast is for rain and cold winds tomorrow – joy eh? Never mind, I’ve got the joys of the Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club christmas party to look forward to on Saturday lunchtime. As per usual I will no doubt have the joys of marking the multiple choice christmas party quiz. To avoid the possibility of answers not in accordance with the answer sheet, we have arranged a multiple choice quiz this year.

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