Madness, Complete Madness

Well the title could refer to lots of things.

The lack of cycling for one. I decided against cycling to work on Thursday and was unable to on Friday. In fact on Friday I had to use public transport as I was going out on Friday night in London with Tom. There were problems with the trains on Friday morning and asa result it took me some 3 1/2 hours to get from home to work. A distance of 12 miles. I could have walked it in that time!

Friday night was a trip to the Madness Concert at Earls Court. This was part of Tom’s Christmas present and I think he enjoyed it. I’m sure he didn’t enjoy it as much as I did though. The support act was Paul Heaton formerly of Housemartins and Beautiful South fame. He is a favourite of both Tom and I so this only enhanced the night.

Madness were absolutely fantastic. The years were rolled back and it was like it was 1981 again. I’m not the only one who forgot their age and were transported back to their teens again. If the truth be known, I was even seen to be dancing – yes, I’ll repeat that again I was even seen to be dancing. I know most of you who know me will never have seen that before. The nuttiest sound around – most definitely. I can’t wait until the next concert they play. Another Madstock in Victoria Park?

Leaving Earls court to head home, it was rather cold. The earlier problems with the trains still existed so we had to get the tube to Newbury Park instead and a cold walk home in freezing icy conditions. It’s always a problem to get home after a concert. You can’t wear a warm coat in a concert, but once you leave the concert you freeze.

Saturday was the Christmas Party at Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club. I got there at around 11am for the 12 noon start. It was a cold but lovely winter’s day, but that was to change. Arriving at the club, I learned the person who was supposed to have prepared the annual quiz had failed to do so. I’m not quite sure what happened or what the breakdown in communication was. So I had to rapidly come up with a multiple choice quiz, which thanks to a bit of help from the internet I managed.

By the 12 noon start, the weather had taken a turn for the worse and around 3-4 inches of snow fell in around an hour. This meant that the food for the Christmas Party did not arrive. So we had a party for around 80 people with no food. A bit of a disaster! Then leaving the cycling centre the weather had caused chaos on the roads. In an hour we travelled 2 miles in the car. So like on Friday, it would have been quicker to have walked.

We did still manage to have the annual prize giving ceremony at the club. I am pleased to say that Tom got a special award for being the club’s first member to achieve 10 years as a youth member. Well done Tom.

Saturday afternoon  had been intended to be an afternoon watching sport, but given nearly every football match in England was called off, that couldn’t take place. So Saturday afternoon and night was a cartoon fest! Family Guy & American Dad interspersed with the Simpsons is a good way to spend a night.

I did manage to buy a Christmas present for someone special this afternoon. I hope she has a sense of humour when it comes to opening the present.

Well its less than a week now until Christmas. It comes round far too quickly. Christmas cards are not written yet, presents not bought, even Christmas arrangements are not sorted yet. Nothing like being laid back  is there? I will see my family and also Michelle over Christmas and will fit everyone else in as and when I can. I am looking forward to the time off.

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