We’re Getting There

Well, following on from my post re truth and how some companies have a strange idea of truth, I heard a great example on the BBC Radio 4 “Today” programme in the last 24 hours. Robin Gisby, Network Rail  Operations and Customer Services Director, declared the national train network was “fully open” and “working well.” this week.

I found this interesting as my local rail company National Express East Anglia had cancelled yesterday, and today 2 out of 3 local trains in rush hour on their “emergency” timetable. In practice at least some of the remaining 1/3 of trains were either cancelled or delayed. First Capital Connect were running a reduced service at about 50% of their full service level. Yesterday, East Coast and First Capital Connect had to cancel nearly all trains between London and Peterborough.

Checking on the National Rail Website today (Wednesday), major delays were listed to:

East Coast Mainline

East Midlands Trains

First Capital Connect

First Great Western

Gatwick Express

London Midland

National Express East Anglia and


I’d hate to see the rail network when it is not working well or is not fully open. Mr Gisby also said “We are open for business today all across the network and we are planning to run a pretty good service.” Not sure what happened to those plans, but the reality was very different.

Even more incredible was the claims made by Mr Gisby about the queues at St Pancras Station for the Eurostar. You may recall the thousands o people queuing for many hours outside the station and down the street after trains were cancelled and delayed. Mr Gisby said “On the looking after folk, the situation at St Pancras has been very difficult. We have been looking after people… we have had food and blankets… we got several thousand meals out.”

This sounds like Network Rail had looked after the customers as best they could. However, the reality is Network Rail did not feed the passengers or give them blankets. The Salvation Army did the feeding and providing of blankets. This fact seems to have escaped Mr Gisby who claims the credit for his cowboy outfit.

The London Evening Standard reported the story today at London Evening Standard

From 1985 – 1988 British Rail used the advertising slogan “We’re Getting There.” It seems that Network Rail have no idea where there is and have given up making attempts to get themselves or the passengers anywhere.

Well I went to work today, late thanks amongst other things to National Express East Anglia. The office was like the Marie Celeste today, with many on Christmas leave and some of the rest off sick. There was arranged a buffet lunch paid for by ourselves. The fact so many people were off ill meant there is enough food left over for tomorrow and probably Friday as well. Thanks to the girls who organised it. It was a feast fir for a king and a bargain price as well.

I am now on leave until the New Year. Hopefully, weather permitting I will be in Horsley tomorrow night to see Michelle. I am planning to drive up and to seemy parents in the afternoon before spending Thursday night with Michelle. I am probably spending Christmas Eve night and also Christmas Day with my parents  and Tom before seeing Michelle again from Boxing Day until the New Year- or until she has had enough of me and kicks me out. Her two dogs have been told to expect a visitor in the dog house next week!

I spent a good couple of hours tonight, trying to fix 2 laptops which keep crashing. One seems to be suffering from intermittent visits from the blue screen of death. It was a bugger as I was trying to sort out a Christmas present as well. Its frustrating when the laptop crashes and you lose your work for the fifth time. As you can imagine, I said “deary me” and started again whistling a jaunty tune as I did so.


I saw a bloke fishing the other day and I asked him, “Have you caught anything?”
He said, “I’ve caught loads today.”
“Using maggots, are you?”
“No, liquorice.”
“What have you caught with that?”
“All sorts,” he said

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