They Think Its All Over……

Another Christmas Day draws to a close. Relatives are falling asleep in front of TVs. Those who are not staying here the night have gone home. Its time to relax.

I spent Christmas at my parent’s house. I arrived yesterday evening with tom, after having collected him from my sister and her partner’s house (Jacqui & Maurice). Whilst it was good to see Tom, it was a shame I had to be leaving Michelle. It does not seem right that we were not spending Christmas together. However, circumstances meant that it was not possible to find a way to be together. As a parent, my duty had to be to my son first, as did Michelle’s duty to her boys.

Christmas Eve was a spent with a few drinks with friends of my parents. As ever, John & Jen are good hosts. Well, lots of wine and good company makes for a good night. Arriving home with my parents and Tom at midnight, they all vanished to bed, leaving me to watch late night TV alone.

A leisurely start to the day resulted in me having to wake Tom up. A far change from previous years when he was waking me up at silly o’clock. Coming down stairs to the smell of cooking of bacon and eggs had me looking forward to breakfast. Sadly, it was not breakfast cooking, but it was my mother cooking “pigs in blankets” for Christmas lunch. What a disappointment.

After my brother (Martin), Jacqui & Maurice arrived, we got down to business, no not the food or the presents, but the alcohol. Well if truth be told, I was well on the way by the time they arrived. Well, the sun was over the yardarm somewhere in the world.

Presents were exchanged, and I have to say that for once, the presents were excellent, even if they did include slippers & socks!

Tom got me a DVD set of Porridge, which is one of my favourite ever comedy series. I am a big fan of the late Ronnie Barker’s brand of humour.

My parents got me a headcam, for use when cycling. This was something I had specifically requested. The details of the headcam are at . I notice from looking at the website, that the camera has not been available since 17th Dec and won’t be for a couple more weeks. Thanks mummy and daddy. They also got me a number of other great presents, including some socks. These are cycling socks not ordinary Christmas type socks.

bulletcama3MY HEAD CAM

Martin, Jacqui & Maurice did something different this year. A “nuclear disaster” box filled with things I like, eg beer, vodka, sweets, cakes etc. This was a bit of a standing  joke as when we were children my mother always had one cupboard filled with spare tins of food etc. It was her nuclear disaster cupboard. The items in the box were all references to things I liked as a child- e.g. particular types of cakes, sweets etc. A novel idea, but a really good one.

Martin deserves a special mention as he also gave me a painting he did of the “Angel of the North”. I did not know Martin could paint and am very taken with the painting.

Angel of the North THE ANGEL OF THE NORTH

Michelle excelled herself and bought me some fantastic presents and I cannot begin to thank her enough for them. I cannot list them all, but they include a fantastic camera, which is something I have wanted for so long.  The slippers from Michelle go with the dressing gown she got me a couple of weeks ago. It makes me feel even more at home now when I am with her in Horsley.  What else did I get from her? Well a very sarcastic present of oven cleaner, scourers and marigold gloves. Why? Well Michelle thought my cooker was not up to her cleanliness standards when she visited recently. Well, if I did not find it funny (I did actually), my family thought it was hilarious that my partner would get that for me for Christmas. There were other presents as well from Michelle. I am truly lucky to have her. I am looking forward to seeing her tomorrow and spending the rest of the holidays with her. Thank you Michelle. I hope she liked my presents even 1/10th as much as I loved what she got me. talking on the phone is a poor substitute for being together with Michelle

My mother excelled herself with an excellent meal again. She cooked for all of us on her own. Its a big effort for her, and is much appreciated. Maybe next year I could have everyone round and do Christmas lunch for them all instead. I’d like that to be possible.

I have had a good time and got loads of great presents for which I thank you all who took so much time and trouble and money to make today  for me.

Tomorrow, Tom, my father and I are off to see Newcastle United play Manchester City  before we head to Michelle’s where we will be joined by my mother, Martin, Jacqui and Maurice and Michelle’s family for a meal and what will hopefully be a convivial evening of laughter and drinking. I can’t believe all the effort that Michelle has gone to for me and my family.

There are some very special people in the world. some people who make life worth living for so many people. Sadly, some people abuse that generosity and kindness. If they are reading this, they should all be ashamed of themselves. They have had the best in their lives and have someone who will do so much for them.


On a slightly sad note, I must just mention the family of Joanna Yeates the missing architect whose body was found today near Bristol. What an awful thing to happen  at anytime, let alone on Christmas Day. For this family and those who lose loved ones at this time, it will never again be a day of celebration and their loss will be magnified by everyone else celebrating.

Spare a thought for those less fortunate than you at this time of year, and at all other times. Not just those who have lost loved ones, but those whose loved ones are  risking their lives fighting for our country abroad

Merry Christmas

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