The story below, taken from the Daily Mail made me smile a slightly wry smile. for those who do not know, both Tottenham Hotspurs and Wet Sham West Ham are wanting to move from their existing grounds to the Olympic Stadium after the 2012 games. (the highlighting is my doing).

West Ham vice chairman Karren Brady blasts rivals Tottenham over their Olympic Stadium bid

By Sportsmail Reporter
Last updated at 10:24 AM on 24th December 2010

West Ham vice chairman Karren Brady has accused Tottenham of attempting to ‘muscle in where they are not wanted’ as the battle to take over the Olympic Stadium in Stratford after 2012 intensifies.

The London rivals are locked in a two-way battle to occupy the Games site although a final decision has been delayed until later in 2011.

Barclays Premier League basement boys West Ham have received the formal backing of UK Athletics to become new tenants after promising to retain the track around the pitch in order to uphold the Olympic legacy.

Spurs are supported by O2 Arena owners AEG and want to demolish the Olympic Stadium and replace it with a brand new stadium.

The Hammers are angry with Spurs over their bid to potentially set up home on their east London territory, a move which has also prompted concern amongst the north London’s club’s supporters.

Brady described Tottenham’s interest as a ‘smash and grab’ attempt as she went public with her disapproval, writing in her column for The Sun.

She said: ‘It is an understatement to say I’m unhappy with the way Spurs have gone about trying to wrest the rights to the Olympic Stadium from us.

‘Our bid has been founded on goodwill to the community, to the council, to athletics and sport overall.

‘We have powerful support and the funds.’

Brady also took aim at Tottenham’s shareholders, claiming they do not live in the UK and neglect to pay UK tax.

She added: ”Spurs’ is an attempted smash and grab in our manor, sneaky and of no known benefit to anyone beyond their backers and major shareholders, who by the way are not based in the UK and don’t pay UK tax unlike our owners who have always lived, worked, employed and paid tax here.

‘Even their own fans hate the idea of a multi-mile move. Spurs are trying to muscle in where they are not wanted.’


No, why have I entitled this article Hypocrites?

Well Wet Sham West Ham seem to forget the Olympic Stadium is only a few hundred yards away from the home of their East London neighbours Leyton Orient. Wet Sham West Ham seem to have no problem with moving onto the manor of Leyton Orient. Yet they object to anyone else moving there. The fact that Wet Sham West Ham call it their manor is rather insulting to Leyton Orient.

Given the current form of Wet Sham West Ham, its a bit of a waste to be wanting to move to a huge new stadium. They are unlikely to be playing top flight football next season ( and given their debts, probably not for many years). They are a club massively in debt and fading fast on the pitch. They have only won two league games all season, are 3 points adrift of safety, having paid a game more than their rivals. In November 2010, the owners of Wet Sham West Ham said the club were £85 million pounds in debt and could not pay their overheads if relegated.

‘Horrific’ West Ham relegation fear gives me sleepless nights, reveals co-owner David Sullivan

5th November 2010

West Ham co-owner David Sullivan has admitted to suffering from sleepless nights due to the club’s perilous position at the bottom of the Barclays Premier League table, and the ‘horrific’ possibility of relegation.

Sullivan admits that relegation would be a financial disaster and that West Ham’s debt, which currently stands at £85million, means he is unsure how the club could survive dropping down to the Championship.


‘We’re all concerned,’ Sullivan told the Evening Standard. ‘Taking over West Ham was always my dream but I am not a complete fantasist. I don’t take on something I don’t think I can sort out.

‘I can’t tell you what a disaster it would be if we went down. We have overheads, debts we have to repay which would be unsustainable if we were in the Championship


West Ham have not had a capacity crowd so far this season, yet they want to increase the capacity from 35,000 to around 55,000. Does this make sense, especially when playing a lower standard of football in the future.

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