A New Start

With today being New Year’s Day, I was up at 5 am, bowl of porridge for breakfast and out for a 5 mile run with the dogs before coming home to wake Michelle with breakfast in bed after I had done all the housework for her. Then I woke up…

Ok, I’m drinking another glass of wine whilst typing this and am just having my lunch at 17:00, not having had cold Chinese as my breakfast until 12:00. Yes, a rather lazy start to the day.

Last night was a rather quiet night in for Michelle, Josh & Elizabeth. Michelle and I were rather restrained last night, only having 1/2 a bottle of Bailey’s, 2 1/2 bottles of wine and a bottle of champagne between us. I mean at one point we were even drinking a pot of tea! Rock and Roll lifestyle eh? A soap overdose with Corrie x2, Emmerdale and EastEnders just proves how out of control we are. I am not sure Granny Gilhome quite appreciated the finer points of  Family Guy that Josh & I watched.

Did I mention the Chinese takeaway we had? The local Chinese is rather nice and a banquet fit for a fat lad was had, with lots left over for today’s breakfast!

Never mind Charlie, one of Michelle’s dogs entertained us with his best schizophrenic routine when someone let off fireworks outside at around 20:00. To calm him down, he was allowed to jump onto Michelle’s lap for a cuddle. (He is not normally allowed up on the chairs). The little *&^&^%$& made the most of it and demanded to sit on sofas or laps for the rest of the night. Who says dogs are not clever?

Midnight brought a rather pathetic attempt by Michelle and I to launch Josh’s Chinese lantern. Sadly, it crash landed twice before we had to extinguish it to avoid setting fire to next door’s house. Still we do have a 2nd lantern so can have another go later. I’ll have to succeed just to prove to Josh I’m not just a p*ss artist.

For some reason the local pub’s promised fireworks display did not materialise. So, the TV footage of the London display had to do to drive Charlie schizophrenic again.

Once Josh was in bed and Liz had gone home, Michelle and I managed to continue to giggle at anything and nothing. I’m not sure why we were sat up at the dining table rather than on the sofas though. By about 02:30 – 03:00 we eventually pulled ourselves together and welcomed in the New Year properly.

A rather late start this morning was deserved. I resisted the urge to eat any of the sweets / chocolates / crisps left over from last night before breakfast, so the resolutions were not broken before 12 noon on 1st January. The will power I have amazes me.

I decided to take the dogs out for a walk. Well take Ruby for a walk and Charlie (aka Woodbine) out for a drag. For some reason he was reluctant to go out today. We did eventually reach the business Park at the end of Horsley, where I let them off the leads as usual. All good, the dogs had a run round, then Charlie decided to head home alone. Every time I called him, he stopped for me till I got in grabbing distance of him, then he ran off again. The sight of a fat bloke chasing a Jack Russell up the street must have amused anyone who saw it, especially when I kept grabbing for Charlie and he would run off.

This afternoon brought a pleasant drive out to Hexham and a walk round the town and through the park. I’ve been to Hexham many times to visit the court, and usually parked my car next to the park without realising what a beautiful park it is. I even went into the historic Hexham Abbey for the first time in my life. The trip was rounded off by a trip to Tesco.

Sadly, I haven’t got my bike here as I’d have loved to cycle today to start the year.

Time to visit Liz & Keith’s for a roast tea now mmmmmmmmmmmm I can’t wait