New Year’s Resolutions?

Instead of listing all my New Year’s resolutions, I  decided to start with my New Years wish list.

NEW YEAR DEATH POOL – I am wishing a swift end to the Go-compare man, closely followed by the advert.

FOOTBALL – relegation for the Mackems (sadly not likely, so I’ll have to settle for them missing out on a European place on the last day of the season.

Mike Ashley – preferably to vanish and take his cockney mafia with him. Ashley you FCB, get out of our club

Newcastle to keep their place in the Premier League

POLITICS – it would be asking to much to find a politician who is neither motivated by self interests or with their snouts in the trough. I’ll settle for politicians respecting Human Rights and condemning those regimes that abuse such Rights. Yes, China, Iran, Afghanistan and USA amongst others I am thinking of you.

CYCLING – I wish for a p*nct*re free year, but the chances of that are probably nil, so I’ll wish for an accident free year for me and all those I know and those who read this blog.

POLICE UNITY TOUR – I wish all those involved in this, whether those riding, those providing the invaluable support and organisation of this fantastic event, a very successful event this year. I hope we can raise more than the $1 million we raised last year. Thanks to Harry and Pat and everyone behind this event.

CRICKET – It would be great to see Durham do the double, the County Championship and a win at Lords in the C&G Trophy. I’d settle for one or the other.

The Land of The Prince Bishops

LOVE LIFE – I know what I wish for this year and it is going to happen I hope.

It will indeed


Right, that’s my New Year’s wishes out of the way. Now, what about my New Year’s Resolutions? Well, I know you aren’t really interested, but here goes:

  1. To give up chocolates, sweets & crisps for January
  2. To lose 2 stones (28 lbs.) in weight between now and The Police Unity Tour ride in May 2011.
  3. To try to run in preparation for a go at the 2011 Great North Run (knee permitting)
  4. To get out on my bike more in 2011 than I did in 2010.
  5. To get a liver transplant following the amount of alcohol I’ve drunk this Christmas and New Year.


I’ve just had someone from Alcoholics Anonymous at the door. Apparently they are being proactive this year. He was telling me about the evils of drink, and how it harmed you.

AA “When did you last have a drink sir?”

Me: “1958”

AA: “ that’s fantastic sir. you clearly have heeded all the warnings re alcohol and the harm it does. I won’t trouble you anymore. Goodnight.”

After he left, I thought it strange that as it was only five past eight, he thought going without a drink for seven minutes was good!

Have a good day. I’m off back to London tomorrow, so back to my empty house. So, I think if I get back in time tomorrow, I will post a review of my holiday period before I go back to work on Tuesday.

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