Virgin on the Ridiculous (Aka Virgin are ridiculous)

Well, its been a while since I last posted on here. I know some of you will be glad for that. Why the silence? Well contrary to rumours following my last post, I have not gone yet. Nor is it because I have done nothing – its never stopped me blogging before.

No, the reason is because those clowns at Virgin media are unable to supply an internet service that works. Those of you with a long memory will recall me posting about internet problems before Christmas and how Virgin arranged an engineer to call out and then on the day cancelled the engineer despite telling me originally he was on his way, but running late when I queried why he had not attended. Good old Virgin Media not only fail to do what they agreed to do, but they lie about what they are doing. After the engineer had been cancelled, why tell me he was on his way but running late?

Well since I returned back to London last Monday, the internet problem still remains. I have made at least 6 calls to Virgin on 2 separate days in the last week. Every call results in me being told a different story about the issue, from it being my computer at fault, to there is no problem and that having an intermittently working connection is all I can expect.

Tonight, I was told that apparently there was a fault in this area and their engineers were working on it and fault had existed for 2 days. When I pointed out my problem was initially reported on 18th December , i.e. some 22 days ago so this could not be the cause of the problem, more waffle occurred before the call handler went off to carry out another test and never returned. Perhaps he was coming here in person from India.

A second call going over all the test  the initial call had done was also unsuccessful as the cordless phone went flat as a result of being used so long today to call Virgin.

A third call again repeated all the other tests etc. before I was told the reason for the problem was that Virgin engineers were apparently improving my service by increasing the server capacity. So, improving service is done by providing a service that doesn’t work? Interesting idea Mr Branson- seems your media service is as successful as your balloons were.

Further questions were asked

Me “ Why is it taking so long to fix my service?”

Virgin “It is taking so long because we are working to increase the server capacity”

Can you explain how that answers the question?

Me “ Why if the problem existed only a couple of days ago have I not had a reliable service for 22 days?”

Virgin “ Our engineers are working to increase capacity”

Would it surprise you to learn that the call handlers were not from England?

The matter was left that Virgin are to refund me the last month’s broadband fee and claim they will have the problem fixed in 3-5 days. As I am busy over the next few days, I’ll wait to see. I am prepared to wager a large sum that it won’t be solved though. I will wager an even larger sum that Virgin won’t even reimburse me the money that they promised.

Oh and as for the missed engineer’s visit last year: –

a) Virgin have not yet arranged a new appointment, or even offered to arrange one

b) Virgin have filed an acknowledgement of service indicating they intend to defend the claim I brought against them. It will be interesting to see what there defence is. Firstly they never notified me of the cancellation of the appointment and then they lied on the day to claim the engineer was still coming but running late in a call at approximately 12:30 when engineer’s appointment was between 08:0 and 12:0. So they clearly must have deliberately lied in the call at 12:30.


Happy Customers

Another Satisfied Virgin Customer

Well, what else have I done? I managed 3 days cycling this week. Tuesday and Friday return commutes to work and on Saturday I rode up to the club session at Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club which is held every Saturday at Redbridge Cycle Centre . I wasn’t due to be there on Saturday, but I realised I had not dropped off the diary for the recording of club sessions etc. So, to rectify this I had a quick ride up there and dropped off the diary.

Once there, I remembered there was to be a visitor from Evans Cycles to discuss their Ride it weekend in March when they want to use Redbridge Cycle Centre for their event. They however seem to have forgotten that we at LVYCC have the circuit booked for the morning and Evans cannot simply flex their muscles and expect us to simply cancel our session for the day. After some negotiations, I think we have reached a compromise solution that all can be agreed upon. We are waiting for Evans now to confirm the heads of agreement in writing.

A consequence of my being at that meeting was I missed a text message from my Barnsley mates John & his daughter Hannah who were coming down to East London to see Barnsley play at West Ham. The supporters bus had stopped in Ilford for drinks before the game and John was inviting me for a drink. Sadly, by the time I saw the message, there was insufficient time to get there for a drink before they set off for West Ham’s Upton Park.

Saturday was the day I was going to Stevenage to watch Premiership Newcastle, fresh from their 5-0 thumping of West Ham, progress into the 4th round of the FA Cup. It was to be a certainty as Stevenage only got into the football league this season and are struggling in the 4th tier. Drinking in the bars in Stevenage brought the great news that the Mackems had lost at home to league 1 Notts County and the Child molesters from Middlesbrough had thrown away a lead to lose at league 2 Burton Albion. This had all the makings of a great day out.

It got better in the ground when the legend that is Kevin Keegan came past the away end walking to the main stand. He still gets the reception that befits a Toon legend. I have to say he is still my hero. Could the day get any better?

Sadly the answer is no. The 11 players representing Newcastle were a disgrace to the shirt and produced a performance lacking any  effort or skill. It was still 0-0 at half time only thanks to luck. I think Newcastle had one chance in the whole half. Never mind Alan Pardew would sort the team out at half time and we’d win comfortably. Well 10 minutes into the 2nd half, and I was heading back to the town centre for the train home. We were 2-0 down and looked like we would never score in a month of Sundays. It was dreadful to watch and I had no intention of staying to watch.

By the time I had walked back to the town centre and got a quick pint the situation had got worse. Newcastle were now down to 10 men after Tiote was sent off. By the time the game ended, I was already on a train back to London and Newcastle had lost 3-1.


The Newcastle players should be ashamed of themselves. Losing is one thing, but to lose in the manner they did, with no commitment, passion or effort displayed by any of them. The players do not deserve the support of the Toon Army who supported their team for the full 90 minutes.

Wembley it ain’t

What else has happened in the last week?

Well, I have managed to just about figure out how to use my head cam. I need to adjust the angle of the camera slightly but think I have it sussed now. It is not brilliant at night time. I think a camera with a much higher frames per second rate is needed . I may of course be completely wrong. The filming during the daylight however is excellent and I can’t wait to use it more. Sadly (or fortunately?) there was nothing to post of any interest from Friday/ Saturday’s ride.

Re work issues – matters there are still on going. I have taken some advice on things. Unions do have their benefits. Yes, those of you who thought I was to the right of Genghis Khan politically will be shocked to know I am a paid up card carrying member of a trade union.

I had to break the news to Michelle that I was not going to be in Newcastle for work this coming week. Sorry baby- sometimes life is sh*t. Instead, I will be heading to Newcastle at the weekend to:

a) See Michelle – which is the highlight of the week

b) See Spennymoor Town play at Ryton supporters-club-002-255x300

c) See Newcastle United at the Mackems – the biggest game of the season. They will be desperate for revenge after the 5-1 humiliation in October. Both sides were of course humiliated on Saturday in the FA Cup and will be seeking to bounce back.



Hopefully the weekend will produce lots of scoring opportunities Winking smile



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The madam replies £150.00.
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She says: “A baggy green cap and an Australian Cricket XI shirt.”See more

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