They’ve Got No Decorum

Who, what, why, where, when, what is he going on about.

Well, a certain rather fat and ugly man from Corbridge might remember this phrase from 31st October 2010. Why? This was Steve Bruce’s description of Newcastle United and its fans because at the end of the Newcastle v Sunderland game (which incidentally Newcastle won 5-1), the tannoy played The Monkeys’ “Cheer up Sleepy Jean”. A song incidentally which the Mackems released themselves as a record some years ago.

Strangely Mr Bruce didn’t use that description for those unwashed from Wearside whose idea of celebrating an underserved last minute equaliser in the return game was to invade the pitch, assault the Newcastle goalkeeper and throw numerous missiles at those of us in the away end.

Perhaps the ugly fat one was upset because his boasts in the press before the game to have a record to play when the Mackem’s won came to nothing.  So much for your boasting eh?

Steve Bruce to Name The Song?

All this from someone who repeatedly claims to be a Newcastle fans, but whose actions have repeatedly been to put Newcastle down throughout his time as a player and a manager.

Its rather pathetic and hollow to hear Sunderland Chairman Niall Quinn, Steve Bruce and other assorted Mackems making rather hollow apologies over the assault on Newcastle goalkeeper Steve Harper by a Mackem fan DURING the game.

Hollow apology

Why is it a hollow apology? Well at ever single Derby game we have played at the Stadium of Sh*te when the Mackems have scored the great unwashed have invaded the pitch. it is also the second successive Derby at the Stadium of Sh*te when one of the great unwashed fans has assaulted/ threatened the Newcastle goalkeeper. You would have thought that by now, the so called family club would have taken appropriate steps to stop these pitch invasions and attacks on players.

The S*nderland Echo manages to rewrite history by failing to mention all the other Mackems who invaded the pitch and implies that both sets of fans were to blame Mackem Lies . Funny also how the same paper manages to forget all the other instances when the Mackems have invaded the pitch in this fixture. Also, perhaps the paper would like to tell us exactly how many Newcastle fans invaded the pitch yesterday?

The Lies Continue….

The Mackems issued a statement today saying:

“The vast majority of fans in the 48,000 capacity crowd behaved very well and we thank them for their loyal support.

“Sunderland AFC operates a zero tolerance policy towards anti-social behaviour of any kind within the Stadium of Light, and we are proud of our reputation as a family club.

“Working closely with Northumbria Police, we will ensure that appropriate action is taken against anyone found to have been involved in any such behaviour at yesterday’s game.

“The club also recognises the positive role Sunderland supporters played in helping to identify the small minority responsible for anti-social behaviour to stewards and the police.”

So there you have it in the 2nd paragraph– Sunderland AFC do not think pitch invasions or assaulting goalkeepers is anti social behaviour and they are proud of such actions.

Strange that the 3rd paragraph makes no mention of banning those on the pitch, only “appropriate action”. Wonder why most clubs ban those who invade the pitch or assault players, S*nderland praise them instead

The fourth paragraph praises the fans. Its incredible that this statement makes no condemnation of those who invade the pitch, assaulted the Newcastle goalkeeper or threw missiles, either this time or at any of the previous derbies at the Stadium of Sh*te.

Oh, and a point of order S*nderland. The referee identified the person who assaulted the keeper, not the great unwashed. Or are you suggesting the referee is a S*nderland fan – well actually, you have competition there as Liverpool think he is a Man U fan.


So Mackem Scum, Is this Decorum?

Mackem Scum

Oh and a quick message for Titus Bramble “SHE SAID NO TITUS, SHE SAID NO”.

Interestingly I see that Darren Bent  has decided he’s had enough of being at the great unwashed and a transfer to a club in the relegation zone (Aston Villa) is preferable to staying at the Mackems.

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