Reality Check

As you know reader, I am in Manchester this week.

Firstly, it has not rained here despite it raining in most of the rest of the UK. Yes, Manchester is dry (bet it rains in the morning)

Secondly, I have been reading some criminal prosecution files today and it is quite scary to realise that the two files I read were about shootings, one fatal, one not fatal in Moss side in Manchester. What is so scary about that I hear you ask?

Map picture

Broadfield Road, Moss side, Manchester

Well, if you look at the picture, the top most house was my old student house (in Broadfield Road). The murder took place in the park opposite and the non fatal shooting took place on the junction of Broadfield Road and the street running across the picture (Great Western Street).

[ Digressing for a minute. If you look at the map, you will see Broadfield Road running North- South down the map. I lived at the north end of the  road, near Moss Lane East.

If you look to the right of Broadfield Road, you will see Lloyd Street South and parallel to that you will see a street called MAINE ROAD. This was the location of the old Manchester City Ground – in the area without any roads to the right of Maine Road.

Just off the map to the right is Rusholme and the Curry Mile in Oxford Road/ Wilmslow Road. Rusholme as in the Smith’s song Rusholme Ruffians]

Both these incidents were part of the continuing gun and gang wars taking place in South Manchester. Its scary to think these shootings happened so close to my former home. I suppose that I should not have been so surprised really as when I lived in Moss side there was a double rape nearby and a murder in the Shebeen at the end of our street. That murder is the first killing described in the book Gang War by Peter Walsh GANG WAR BY PETER WALSH. I actually knew to speak to the deceased in that first murder in Manchester’s Gang War.


What is a shebeen you ask? Well Wikipedia describe it as follows:

A shebeen (Irish: sibín) was originally an illicit bar or club where excisable alcoholic beverages were sold without a licence.

The term has spread far from its origins in Ireland, to Scotland, Canada, the United States, England, Zimbabwe, English-speaking Caribbean, Namibia, and South Africa.


Away from scaring myself about my old address, it has been a bit of a sad day at work. My colleague (S) on this work is a young Australian lady. Sadly she received news first thing this morning of the (expected) death of a family member back home in Australia. It is especially hard when a relative dies, let alone when you are at the other side of the world and even then are not at home, but staying in a hotel room.

It is hard to know how to deal with someone in these circumstances. As the lead inspector on this work. I told S that if she wanted to either go back to the hotel, or back to London, to do so and that I would ensure her work was covered. I am not sure what else I should have done.

I have heard from S tonight by text that she is hopefully going to work on tomorrow.


I spent sometime tonight sat in the local Wetherspoon’s pub watching the FA Cup tie between Leeds and Arsenal, won by Arsenal. It means that there is no team from the North East or indeed anywhere East of the Pennines North of Sheffield left in the competition! Not a good year for the North and East of England.

Why a Wetherspoon’s pub? Well, the food is cheap as is the beer and it has free Wi-Fi there. Its more interesting to sit there than in my hotel room alone. I suppose I should be more organised and use the time to say write a diary of my life. What do you reckon?

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