The Big Match

Orient played MK Dons on 25th February 2011 in a League 2 Match (3rd tier of English football).

A night at the match in pictures


The Olympic Stadium it isn’t, but Brisbane Road is full of character ( aka falling down in places) This is the East Stand, the former main stand and former main entrance to the ground


5 mins to Kick Off and the crowd pushes impatiently to get in before kick off – or not as the case maybe



The MK Dons Supporters Coach –after all it is a long way to travel being nearly 80 miles! Came in a taxi – they came in a taxi!


A Packed House – well a packed flat – yes, the flat in the corner of the ground is packed – shame the ground wasn’t


The Action Unfolds



The Fans Go Wild with Passion and Excitement


The Result was a 2-2 draw.

The passion and excitement is over for another day

2 thoughts on “The Big Match

    1. If its good enough for the national media, its good enough for me.

      Besides, did you sleep last night? YES
      Did the game keep you excited and watching? NO
      Therefore the picture is an accurate representation, except it makes the ground look too full

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