Getting Close to a Virgin

Yes, I know what you are thinking, its another blog mentioning that company. Well, read on as this post is not what you’d expect to hear from me.

Lets go back to the dim and distant past of early December 2010 when I first reported a problem with my broadband connection. After weeks of being told the fault was with my computer or my connection, a visit from an engineer that still hasn’t turned up etc., I was told there was a fault in the area and it had been known about since at least 13th December.

Well over the last 2 months, I’ve had numerous conversations with Virgin and promises to refund each months broadband charges. However, I discovered last night that no refunds had been provided. I rang up and was told the fault would be fixed by 14th February and that a credit of £25.25 for February’s Broadband would be applied to my account. I was told I had to speak to customer services re the previous months.

I was put onto them and was told that I could only be refunded £30 of the £50.50 for December and January as there was a company limit of £55 credit on an account. I pointed out that if they had put through the refunds in December and January as they had promised then this limit would not have been reached!

I was then told I could not have a refund until the fault was fixed. Apparently I am expected to pay for something that I am not getting and can only have a refund if they ever fix the problem! So if they never fix it, I have to carry on paying for something I’m not getting.


Well, suffice to say I was not impressed with this. I was also less than impressed that my complaint of 26th January had not even been acknowledged.

So, I decided to email the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Virgin Media. I located his email address thank to this website CEO Email Listings. I emailed Neil Berkett the CEO at 23:22 0n 9th March. This morning at 08:47 I received an email from the CEO apologising and promising to get his team to look into this.

By 10:00 I had receive a call from Penny at Virgin Media to apologise for the lack of service and to discuss the issue and promising to

a) resolve the credit issue

b) find out why the problem exists and why it has not been fixed

c) call me back by 18:00 today to update me.

By 13:30 today, Penny had left 2 messages on my mobile phone. When I eventually was able to return her call, she advised me:

a) my account had been credited with the 3 months broadband charges . In fact credit was £80.50 even though charges were £75.75. [ This money will be added to the sponsorship total for the Police Unity Tour . Than you virgin, this is another £80 to add to the total]

b) what the cause of the problems are

c) when the problems are expected to be fixed by (18th February 2011)

Penny promised to keep this matter under review until I am satisfied the problem is resolved. Thank you Penny for doing what you have done.

This matter has been handled very well today. It is simple to get it right:

1) An apology for what you have done wrong

2) An explanation of what you are going to do to put it right

3) an appropriate offer of compensation – in this case simply refunding the charges made during the time the service was not working properly.

Virgin have got it right today and the CEO and Penny deserve credit for this. Hopefully the fault will indeed be fixed by next Friday, and even if it is not, I have been told how Virgin will resolve the issue then.

Well done Virgin Media and thank you.

There you go, its something you never expected to hear from me!

Watch this space for more on the Virgin saga. Hopefully next week I will be telling you its all resolved and I have a proper working broadband again.

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