Sponsor Me? These Have

As you know, I need to raise approximately $1800 for the Police Unity Tour bike ride this may.

So far, I have received donations from the following:

Russell Jones & Walker £250.00

Admiral Insurance £300.00

Virgin Media £80.00

Argos £20.00

Excess of Expenses* £60

TOTAL £710 (approximately $1065)

* Excess of expenses – I am entitled to set amounts of expenses when working away from home, to cover meals etc. This amounts to a maximum of £26 per day to cover all meals, phone calls etc. when staying away for 24 hours. By prudent spending (namely Wetherspoons pubs for meals) I have managed to underspend some expenses and will be donating them to the Police Unity Tour fund.

Why have the other companies donated to my fund raising? These are all companies that I have had cause to raise complaints about customer service with. They have made offers of compensation which I have accepted and added to the Police Unity Tour fund. It goes to show how much compensation customers could be claiming for poor service etc..

How do you sponsor me?

a) give me cause to make a complaint or sue you

b) the easier way is to go to www.firstgiving.com/peterbennett and making a donation. You will need to use a credit card and the amount is in dollars £1 = $1.5 approximately)

c) Send me a cheque. If you want me postal address, then email me at spen666 @ hotmail.com

Listen to Bob Geldof and take the hint


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