Happy Days


The Weekend Comes

Yes, its a Friday and the weekend is here.

This is going to be a great weekend. Yes, Leyton Orient host Arsenal in the FA Cup 5th round on Sunday. Leyton orient whose team cost £0 to assemble and includes several players on loan from other clubs and a total wage bill less than some Arsenal players earn alone. This week Arsenal beat European Champions Barcelona in front of 60,000 in the Champions League. Whilst this was happening, Orient were playing away in League 2 to MK Dons in front of 6,000. This was far more than Orient normally play in front of. They often play in front of 3500 – 4000 at home games.

This game is a 7,000 sell out crowd and will be the biggest gate at orient since the ground became an all-seater stadium.

flats at Orientleytonground

I’ll bet that even these flats are packed and the balconies are full on Sunday. Leyton Orient sold off the 4 corners of their ground in recent seasons to enable flats to be built. Some of these flats have balconies overlooking the ground. I’m not aware of any other ground like this.

However, an even better prospect that the thought of an orient win over Arsenal ( a fantasy I know), is the fact that this weekend I’ve got a full house as Tom is coming down tonight as are Michelle & Josh. Tom is going back home on Sunday night after the O’s game, but M & J are staying until Tuesday. I am really looking forward to spending some quality time here with them all. In fact, I really should be cleaning and cooking rather than typing this blog post. I know she will be inspecting the house when she arrives.

This house needs the touch of a good female. Actually, it needs the touch of a decent handyman and a good cleaner. Its me who needs the good female.

.I have been shopping today for essentials for the weekend. I’ve got 6 more bottles of wine from Asda for £20.oo (list price £43.00). Now I know they won’t last until Tuesday, especially with Tom down as well! Yes Tom, I am accusing you of being a drinker. [ BTW Tom, you know your grandparents are away again this weekend and its a relative’s birthday – I fear the state they will be in or the things they will  get up to]

Well, must go now and get preparing the house. Michelle’s train is due to leave Newcastle in 25 minutes Smile I’ve checked already on the website and the trains are not delayed. Tom is meeting me at Kings Cross/ St Pancras then its pick M&J up and home for a candlelight supper with lots of wine Open-mouthed smile.

Hurry up and get here you three.

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