Up The Arse? – I Hope Not

Well, it’s the FA Challenge Cup 5th round Weekend.  Although, there are still some 4th round ties to be concluded. Chelsea lost at home to Everton in a 4th round replay today. That was a shock result. Manchester United won at a canter against Crawley Town. I’m not sure they even broke sweat.

However, those results will pale into insignificance if the result goes right at Leyton Orient. The reality is that it is likely to be Arsenal winning by at least 4 or 5 goals, if not more. All Orient can realistically hope for is not to embarrass themselves.

The ground at Orient can only holds 9271 fans, according to the Football Fans Guide .  personally, I think the capacity is nearer 7500. Arsenal have only got around 1500 tickets, the rest of the crowd will be supporting the O’s.

I’m sure we will hear the usual chants on a big FA Cup day of:

“I’m Orient till I die”


“We’ll support you ever more”

The same people singing those songs will of course not be there again this season. It’s funny how EVERY club attracts these glory seekers. I’m not sure what glory they expect seeing Orient get hammered by the side who this week beat Barcelona. The fact that the game is on TV also hasn’t deterred them. I wonder where these glory seekers were when Orient played at home to Brentford in September in the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy in front of 1,152 people of which 204 were away fans. Thus only 948 Orient fans turned up then, of which I was one. Similarly in the League Cup in August 2,489 fans attended of which 626 were away fans, leaving 1,863 Orient fans.

Even in this season’s FA Cup, in the 1st round replay in a local derby against Dagenham & Redbridge FC 2,901 fans attended of which 694 were away fans, leaving 2,207 Orient fans . Then in the second round replay at home to Droylesden, a crowd of 1,345 turned up, of which 69 were away fans, leaving 1,276.

I wonder what their excuses were for not attending those games? Washing their hair etc.?

On a similar point, Crawley Town today took 9,000 fans to Old Trafford for their tie against Manchester United. Good support for a non-league team you say. It is especially good when you consider their highest home gate of the season was 3,331 and their average attendance was 1,938. Funny where the extra 7,000+ have crawled out from isn’t it?

Anyway, its time to go as there is still some wine left to be drunk before the night is out. I’m psyching myself up for tomorrow by watching that classic 1970’s film The Warriors. Time to hit the vodka next I think


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