Up the Arse Again–Next Week

Of course I am not being rude or suggestive in my choice of thread title. I am obviously referring to the fantastic achievement by Orient in holding Arsenal to a draw at Brisbane Road in the FA Cup 5th Round on Sunday.

To put the achievement into context, Orient had already achieved more than Chelsea, Liverpool, Newcastle United, Tottenham and other Premiership sides by getting to the 5th round.

Arsenal have a squad that cost million of pounds to assemble and has a worth in today’s transfer market of in excess of £200 million. Orient’s squad cost £0 and at least 3 of the squad are on loan from other clubs.

Whilst Arsenal players get paid £20,000+ per week, Orient’s players earn far more modest salaries. In fact a recent past Orient captain was having lunch with his kids in the local greasy spoon cafe before the game. Can you imagine Tony Adams or Patrick Vieira doing the same at a greasy spoon cafe around Finsbury Park? No, neither can I!

Arsenal are some 2 divisions above Orient and some 50 + places. The feeling in the cafe and on the street was how many would Orient lose by. most orient fans would be happy to keep the score below five and hopefully a goal for Orient to cheer.

Just before the game kicked off, the draw for the sixth round was made, and it paired the winners of this tie with Manchester United away at Old Trafford. The ultimate glamour tie in front of 75,000 people. Shame there was no chance of Orient winning against Arsenal.

The game started and Arsenal were majestic in passing the ball around the pitch. They completed a record number of passes in a football match. However, it was not until early in the second half that Arsenal took the lead. Game over surely?

Well, the Arsenal never scored again, but did hit the post once. Orient brought on their French headless Chicken, who has the touch of a donkey with a bad leg; John Tehoue. With about 2 minutes left, he ran through 2 Arsenal players and drilled home a great shot to sent 7600 or so Orient fans into a state of excitement I’ve not seen in 10 years watching the O’s.

So, its off to the Emirates Stadium on Wednesday 2nd March for the replay. Sadly I’m away on work that day and at this stage do not know if I will be able to go to the game. All of East London will be hoping that Orient can put it up the Arse once again.

For the game at Orient, ticket prices were £20 for adults and £13 for those under 21 years old. For  the replay between the same sides, Arsenal are charging £34 for adults and those over 16 and £14. Its rather a big increase 70% for adults, 161% for 16-21 year olds and 8% for children. Premier League? Its a rip off. Arsenal need to charge these huge prices to the fans to pay their poor impoverished players a minimum of 20,000 per week.

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