Toys for the Boys

Well this week has been a busy one for me (more about that later in another post). After Michelle & Josh went home on Tuesday, I spent the rest of that night trying to set up my new toy Smile.

I invested in one of these

Garmin 800 DataGarmin 800 ImagesGarmin 800 Training Partner

Its a Garmin Edge 800 GPS/ Computer. Its a luxury item, but I like it. It is:

a) a normal bike computer

b) a heart rate monitor

c) a sat nav device

It enables me to plot the routes I am going to ride in advance and specify the route I want to take, it will then navigate for me and re plot the route if I go off route. It gives me all sorts of data during the ride and after the ride, the data can be uploaded to the internet and viewed in all details I want.

its a toy, but to someone as anal as me re data, it is great fun. I am hoping it will inspire me to more riding. It is easily portable between bikes and no calibration is needed, so its simple to use. It even turns itself on, if I forget to press the start button.

I managed 2 succesive days riding last week and as a result of trying to beat the virtual training partner, my rides were faster than others have  been. Me competitive? Never – LOL, I won against the computer Smile

Sadly, I am not going to be near a bike till the weekend at the earliest owing to work. I am also likely to be away again next week as well so no cycling then either Sad smile.

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