Well this week finds me in Kingston upon Hull for work.

I was booked to stay at the Holiday Inn, Hull Marina. Now I don’t know about you but when I hear about Marinas I think of luxury yachts or motor cruisers like in Monte Carlo.

So when I learned my room overlooked the Marina, I expected a view like Monte Carlo, or even Amble but …

Well I could see the boats moored in the Marina but rather than luxury yachts they were rusting smelly old fishing trawlers not fit for going out to sea.

Welcome to Hull, the ar*ehole of England. The only place to make Liverpool seem classy.

It seems that the main street consists of bookmakers, Greggs pasty shops, cash converters, poundshops & greasy spoon cafes. The people seem to be clad in shell suits & have greasy hair & spotty skin with the females all pregnant, pushing a pram & dragging little Chardonnay & Wayne along behind them.

I’m sure there are nice parts of Hull, apart from the M62 motorway out of Hull.

By the joys of modern technology I am typing this in the Crown Court @ Kingston upon Hull whilst I wait for a case to be called on.

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