Yes, I am still a cyclist – honest. As well as going out on my bike on Saturday, Tom and I went out on Sunday with a couple of friends and did around 33 miles. We rode up into Central London and round Hyde Park a couple of times before heading off to Bar Italia in Frith Street for refreshments. I thoroughly recommend this place. it is open 24/7 and has a fascinating mix of people use it from those coming out of the clubs and casinos nearby to police, tourists etc. They even allow me to take my bike in and leave it at the back of the shop. I should have gone in earlier in the week as Mark Cavendish was in there.

Sunday was supposed to be the day we had a nice brisket joint for lunch. The idea was to set it cooking whilst we were out cycling. That was the aim! the problem was that someone forgot to put it in the oven to cook, didn’t they Tom?

Late Sunday afternoon, Tom & I drove up to Kettering and then I headed onto the mecca of deprivation and poverty that is Kingston upon Hull. The king would be trying to remove his name from the place if he could see it now, and if he wasn’t dead.

I have brought my bike to Hull with me, intending to get a few miles in. The only problem being I have forgotten to bring my front lights. I spent some time tonight trying to look round Hull for a bike shop. I even asked two cyclists coming out of work about to commute home. They were worse than useless. I eventually ended up getting a helmet light and a cheap front light from that evil retailer Tesco. I know I know, please forgive me for giving them yet more profit.

Now, I have no excuse for not going out tomorrow on my bike. Oh wait, yes I do, I have been asked to go to see  Burnley play at Hull City with a couple of CPS staff, one of whom is a Burnley fan.

The big talk for me this weekend is around the 20th March. I am supposed to be going to a family get together, and its also a certain lady’s 21st birthday do that day on Tyneside [I did get that right didn’t I Michelle?].

Sadly, its not possible to attend both events. So, which do I chose? A family do at an unlicensed restaurant or a session in a public house? Hmmmmm …..

Whilst I am pondering that question, I can console myself by sitting through more cases at Hull Crown Court and other Humberside courts. The high powered life I lead eh? Tomorrow I am supposed to be watching a 4 defendant trial on a Grievous Bodily Harm with Intent charge. however, I am lead to believe via the court room grapevine that the trial is unlikely to proceed, so it will be a case of scrabbling round to find advocates doing enough to assess them.

The joys of being a legal inspector. You get to mix with lots of unpleasant obnoxious people at close quarters, and then there are the defendants as well.