A Good Ride

Well? actually, yes I am. I mean  I am well you dirty minded pervert not what you were thinking.

I’ve actually ridden my bike two successive days this weekend. Since Saturday of last week, I have actually ridden my bike on five occasions. Its a small start, but I need to get the miles in. The stats of the last 9 days are as follows:

Count: 5 Activities

Distance: 116.40 mi

Time: 09:29:39 h:m:s

Elevation Gain: 2,313 ft

Avg Speed: 12.3 mph

Calories: 5,042 C

* The average speed is lower than it should be as today, I managed to let the timer run whilst stooped for around 45 minutes in a cafe.

Yesterday, I managed a massive 15 miles, but I did do a number of laps of the complete circuit at Redbridge Cycle Circuit. It is the most I have ridden there. I would have loved to have done more, but I was also on bike hire duty at Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club which meant I was otherwise occupied. I could not ride at the end of the club as: –

a) there were races on at the circuit; and

b) there was a little matter of an Orient v Oldham match to attend that afternoon.

Today, I went out with Drew and his son Sam. We arranged to meet at McDonald’s in Forest Gate as they are usually late and I’m sick of waiting in the freezing cold for them at our usual meeting place. A cunning idea eh? Well, it would have been if we had not arranged to meet at 0730 (as Drew & Sam had another appointment later on in the morning) and the McDonalds did not open until 0800 – whoops!

Oh, add to it that this time, I was late at the meeting point, but guess what, Drew & Sam were even later still! I spent the time riding round the closed Drive Through Restaurant! It was nice to ride so early up to Central London. There is so much less traffic early on a Sunday morning. It makes it worth getting up early. We rode up to Aldgate, then past the Tower of London, along the Embankment to the Houses of Parliament, and then round St. James Park to Buckingham Palace, up Constitution Hill which is closed to motorised traffic on a Sunday and into Hyde Park. We rode a couple of laps of the park, which was still very quiet at that time. It was interesting to see the most expensive development in London, One Hyde Park which now has the scaffolding removed. The Penthouse there sold for £140 million!!!!!!

It was so early, that Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park was deserted. It is unusual on a Sunday to find no one speaking there. [It is quite amusing to listen to some of the eccentrics who turn up here to preach. The majority are what could unkindly be called fanatics, but some actually make some interesting points.

From Hyde Park, we rode back down Constitution Hill, up the Mall and round Trafalgar Square and into Soho on our way to Bar Italia. you may recall this venue from last weekend’s ride. Its a great place and really friendly. They never bat an eyelid at us taking our bikes in there. After a cup of tea and a chat, it was time to set off home. Drew and Sam were heading up to Leytonstone, so I rode with them there, then headed off home.

The total mileage for today’s ride would have been around 36 miles, but my son Tom had set me a challenge of doing 40 miles as he did that many yesterday. So, I took a few detours on the way home and increased the total mileage to 40 for the day. Thanks for the incentive Tom, and I am impressed you did 40 miles yesterday morning, even if you did stay on the flat circuit.

I even managed to pick up a few items of shopping at my local Aldi store. They are great there, they always let me bring my bike inside the store rather than leave it outside. I like the attitude there. I leave the bike inside the store near the checkouts whilst I do my shopping and have been doing this for years with never a negative comment passed.

So, its 55 miles done this weekend, and I am due to be working in London this week, so hopefully, I will be cycling to work each day. I desperately need to get some miles in as its only 56 days to the start of the Police Unity Tour. That is the 300 mile bike ride over 4 days that I am doing in the USA to raise funds for the memory of those US Law Enforcement Officers killed in the line of duty.

Away from cycling, the weekend was another one of bad planning. Tom only came down on Friday and went back home on Saturday after the Orient game. This left me home alone Saturday night and all day today. At the same time, Michelle was home alone in Newcastle. The telephone lines have taken a hammering. No not the porn chat lines, the line between Michelle and I.

I have to say, that following the recipe ideas I have had from Michelle this weekend, I have no excuse for not cooking tasty, simply healthy food for myself this week. Indeed, I have prepared lots of spicy tuna pasta for my lunches at work this week. I even had a relatively healthy tea of chicken breast, potatoes and vegetable – yes, a plate of vegetables mother. I ate up all my greens, and white things etc. The cooking ideas are great, but it would be better still if she was here to prepare the meals for me, or to share the cooking.

Talking of healthy foods, I weighed  myself a week gone Saturday and was rather disappointed to find the scales did not lie, and I had put on all the weight I lost over the last 4 years. So, I took action and as a result, I have given up cooked breakfasts for lent, even when staying in hotels. It has got off to a good start with me losing 4lbs in weight this past week. Only another XXX lbs to go then. I have to say, I already feel better for the exercise and weight loss over the last 9 days.

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