Bits & Pieces

I’m writing this as I’m supposed to by tidying up the house.


Well its a distraction from the tidying isn’t it? No, why am I tidying the house? Well, tomorrow Michelle & Josh are coming to visit along with her parents. I can’t let them think I live in squalor – even if I normally do. So, its been a night of cleaning, scrubbing, removing the mould etc. I’ve even been cooking! Yes, preparing a meal for the weekend for my house guests.

I only have the floors to wash, my bedroom to tidy up, the rubbish to put out and another load of washing to put on before bed tonight!

Why do we procrastinate and leave everything to the last minute?

Talking of procrastinating, I realised that I have not made any plans for my trip to the US for the Police Unity Tour, so I have this evening booked my hotel for the night before the ride starts, made enquiries about car hire and emailed my friends to ensure I am still welcome there after the ride. I intend to book my flights shortly after I have finished this blog post. Yes, you’ve guessed it I am procrastinating about booking my USA trip which in turn is procrastinating about doing the housework.

Incidentally, I found this in the instructions on the Police Unity Tour

Members are required to place their luggage on the appropriate truck at the designated time each morning.

Weapons are not to be transported in your luggage! We are not responsible for weapons left in luggage. We have weapons lockers available.

Yes, there are police officers who are carrying guns whilst we are riding. That’s a little bit scary. If I offer, do you think they will let me carry a weapon? Perhaps they will give me a weapon if I ask nicely. It would be one way of making motorists think twice about cutting me up on the road wouldn’t it?

Well this week we moved into our new premises at work as I’ve already blogged about. I am not going to say that the ideas of health and safety are rather strange where we are. We are on the 4th floor of a 15 storey building.

1. We have not been told where the fire exits or stairs to evacuate the building are

2. We have not been told where the muster point outside the building is in the event of an emergency

3. We do not appear to have fire wardens

4. However, there is this sign in the gents toilets

Wash Hands

Just what we need – to be told how to wash our hands. Thanks facility management I have spent the last 40+ years wondering how to wash my hands.

5. Next to the boiling water tap for hot drinks there is a sign which  gives instructions on how to use the same and has the warning “Beware boiling water can cause scalding”. Again I do not know how I have lived the last 40+ years without knowing this.


I have manage to ride to/ from work each day this week so far and have done over 111 miles. I have managed to do  2 days of 25 miles each and 2 days doing 30 miles, so its a start I suppose. I have a long way to go to be able to do the Whitham Wander on 17th April at 106knm long and then in just over 4 weeks time I will be doing the 310 mile long Police unity Tour over 4 days. One day is 96 miles long! No riding this weekend though as I have company. I will have to get some miles in next week.

The weather the last 2 days has been great. in fact, today for the first time this year I have ridden wearing shorts and a short sleeved top. Indeed, today, I even had my sunglasses on. Long may the warm weather continue. I have to confess to enjoying the views in this weather. Lots of flesh on show and I’m not on about Smithfield Market.

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