I’ve Been to Mecca

No, I’ve not been to Saudi Arabia but read on.

As you know we moved offices at work on 1st April. Our new offices are much smaller than the old offices and are open plan. this means that most of the contents of our old offices cannot be transferred to the new premises. We were given the option to ask for any of the old furniture for our personal use. Sadly the one item I asked for was not available.

Last Thursday though one of my colleagues was collecting some furniture from our old offices. She on her return to the new offices expressed surprise that no one had taken the office TV. This was of interest as Michelle had said her TV was on the blink. I asked and was told the TV was available, so on Friday I drove into Central London to collect the TV, along with my labourer Tom. We collected a TV and matching DVD player and TV cabinet. Bargain- at the cost only of £12 for congestion charge, 1/2 gallon of fuel and a small donation to charity.

As luck would have it, on Sunday I was travelling by car to see Michelle, so could get the TV to her.

Friday afternoon brought a visit to Tesco to do some shopping for tea. Now, I do not know about you, but when I see a label on the shelf saying 3 items for the price of 2, I expect to get 3 items for the price of 2. Apparently not at Tesco in Goodmayes. I was charged for all 3 items. When I went to the customer service desk to seek a refund, I was given a lesson in customer service.

Firstly, I had to wait for the 2 customer service staff to finish their discussion about their respective families before they deigned to bother speaking to me.

Secondly before I had a chance to explain why I had been over charged, I was told that the discount had been applied. When I pointed out I had not even explained what was wrong, the smiling willing assistant grumpily started to re scan all the items. When I pointed out the 3 that had been charged and not discounted, she told me the items were not in the 3 for 2, despite the shelf ticket saying so. I at this point couldn’t be bothered to argue and told her to re credit all the shopping and I would go elsewhere. I also pointed out that it was actually a criminal offence for Tesco to advertise prices on shelves and charge more at the checkout. However, I was informed that the law doesn’t apply to Tesco as they offer  twice the discount if they are wrongly priced. So there you go, Tesco think the law doesn’t apply to them.

I got my discount and trotted off later to Sainsbury’s where I got a better quality range of products and got service with a smile. Perhaps I should email Philip Clarke the CEO of Tesco on philip.clarke@uk.tesco.com and point this out to him.

Tesco & customer service – never the twain shall meet.

A quick Google search this evening reveals the following interesting websites




On Friday late afternoon, I took Tom down to Hornchurch to see a friend of his who was 18 that day. Belated birthday wishes Barney! This resulted in an invite to join his family for a night out – drink, food and entertainment for £20 a head – a bargain. I was touched that Tom & I were invited to what was a close family function.

The location of this do was somewhere I have never been before. A chance to lose my cherry so to speak. Anyway, we all headed of to here

Whoops, no, sorry wrong Mecca. It was here we headed for


Yes, we went to Mecca for a night at the Bingo. As you have to be 18 to play Bingo, it was the first time Barnet had the chance to play. So Tom, explain how come you were there, and drinking alcohol come to that. If I recall correctly you are only 17. You didn’t commit a fraud contrary to section 2 of the Fraud Act 2006 (fraud by misrepresentation) did you Tom?

Yes, after last week at Dagenham Market, this week I went to  Mecca Bingo @ Dagenham. I lead such a classy life eh? The food was as you would expect from a Bingo Hall, all served with chips. Actually, I have to say that for fast-ish food it wasn’t bad, although Greg (Barney’s Dad) did not agree. His steak pie seemed to lack steak.

The highlight of the night at bingo is apparently the “National Game” which had a top jackpot of £28,000 +. Sadly this was not won by me or any of us. Crying face

I did however manage to get a full house on one of the local games and won £100. Open-mouthed smile. This allowed me to get back my £20 admission money and the £20 I paid for Tom and to buy drinks for everyone for the rest of the night. I’m so generous eh?

At the end of the bingo session, there was a cake produced for Barney. This was no ordinary cake though. No, it was NOT an M&S cake. It was made up of Chupa Chups lollies, chocolate eggs, fried egg sweets and other sweets as well. apparently, Barney does not like marzipan. This was an unusual cake and absolutely delicious. A very novel treat and delicious.

The night ended with a karaoke session and provided much entertainment. Cheer Up Sleepy Jean anyone? Fortunately there are no photos of the karaoke to embarrass me. Well. I hope there aren’t!

Thanks Barney, Greg, Dianne, Joe, Ann-Marie and Matt for a great night & helping me lose my bingo cherry.

Saturday brought a visit to Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club and after that a trip to see Darlington play in the 2nd last ever game at Hayes & Yeading’s Church Road Ground. More about that in my ground hopping blog.

Sunday brought the Witham Wander  (see separate blog re this ride) before a 300 mile drive to the North East, dropping Tom off at my parents’ home before arriving at Michelle’s just as the clock was striking midnight.

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