Back to the Future! The Past Revived

The  a quick note to say that my two previous blogs (from 2009 re LEJoG) and (from 2010 re that year’s Police Unity Tour) are now both incorporated into this blog. If you look through the archive section, you will see posts in 2009 and first half of 2010.

The original blogs are still in place on the links shown above. Feel free to browse the old posts.

I drove back to London on Monday, resisting the urge to go via Carlisle for the Orient game. Perhaps I should have gone that way as Orient won again to maintain that slim chance of reaching the Play offs.

On the way back, I took a slight detour to deliver Tom back to his home and had the chance to speak to my ex-wife! No, we didn’t fight or even argue. A very civilised chat was had and a few things clarified. in particular, it is Tom’s 18th birthday coming up soon so we spoke regarding plans for that.

Arriving back in London was a  reminder how hot it is in London compared to the North East. It was shorts and tea shirt all night and it was still a hot sticky night. That’s what you get when you live closer to the Equator.

I have left a review of the hotel we stayed at in Blackpool at the weekend on I do however wonder if they will post it or if it was a little too critical!

I still never found out how much for a donkey ride in Blackpool. Hopefully Blackpool will stay in the Premiership so I can find out next season.

You will be pleased to know that I had an examination today and I passed it – well I think that’s what the optician said.

Work tomorrow sadly Sad smile

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