I’m Leaving on a Virgin Jet Plane to meet a Virgin!

Well, I will be very shortly! I’m writing this in the lounge at Heathrow Airport terminal 3.

As usual, its been a mad last 24 hours getting ready.

firstly I only had one day in the office at work this week – yesterday. So had lots to get sorted. Unfortunately, I spent most of yesterday on the phone to the IT department trying to get my laptop fixed. I was unable to access the work network and so could not do all my work!!!!! Damn Damn Damn.

This was on top of having travel problems yesterday. After voting in the referendum, I walked to the tube station only to get there as they suspended the service owing to a defective train. Trying to get to a different station on the over ground train line proved difficult, and I ended up 2 hours late for work. This on a day when I had lots of work to do.

After work, I had to attend a committee meeting of Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club of which I am the chairman. Now, you may ask which Pratt arranged a committee meeting for the night before my trip to the USA. Well, I am that Pratt. Whoops.

After the meeting ended at around 22:30, I had to go shopping for last minute provisions and sweeties for my friend in the USA.I did manage to find some Worcester sauce flavoured twiglets so Michelle will be happy when I get home and see her – they are her favourites.

So, it was around midnight when I got home. I then had to start packing – when I say packing, I mean sorting out paperwork, typing a couple of letters and generally avoiding packing my backs.

Did I mention watching Porridge on DVD – it is clearly an essential part of preparing for a trip. Anyway after a very late night, I had to get up this morning and start packing. Hopefully I have everything I need. The bike, my cycling kit, shoes, pedals etc.

I then drove to Heathrow airport and surprisingly, the road was relatively clear. From arriving at the car park, handing over car, checking in bags and bike, going through security and getting to the lounge was less than 20 minutes. AMAZING!

Now, its just me, and a lounge full of free alcohol. That bottle of vodka has been flirting with me all afternoon so far. It keeps flashing those come drink me eyes. It would have been rude to resist.

Newark New Jersey tonight and hopefully meeting up with my friends from last year’s Police Unity Tour and also to meet with Lisa from the Ontario Police patrol who is going to be riding in the PUT for the first time and losing her PUT virginity.  Only around 310 miles to ride in 4 days now – then I can relax.

I say relax, I mean drive several hundred miles to see my mates in Ohio and then I have to get back to Newark. I am thinking of taking a leisurely meander back possibly going over the border into Canada and visiting London Ontario which will be a different experience to last time! Winking smile

Right, time to go back and flirt back with more of that vodka.

Next year, I’m going on holiday to an airport lounge, free food, free beer, free wine and free vodka – all just help yourself – perfect

Next post probably/ hopefully from the good old US of A.

Have a good weekend and Darlington & Whitley Bay, make it a north East double at Wembley this weekend

PS Just hope Virgin Atlantic are more efficient than Virgin Media otherwise I’ll still be here next weekend