Have a Nice Day Now

Just a quick blog post to say I’ve safely arrived.

The plane over was relatively full, but I managed to get a row of three seats to myself Smile. I did this by checking the seating plan when checking in online & choosing the row as it showed no one else in that row.

As you know I flew Virgin Atlantic & they boast about there in flight entertainment system with hundreds of films & TV programmes available on demand. It reminds me of having satellite or cable TV ie hundreds of channels of rubbish available and little you want to watch.

I want to make a complaint to the Trade Description people about the film I did watch. It has a false title. I spent 2 hours watching ”Killing Bono” only to find they didn’t after all. I can’t begin to tell you how disappointed I was.

Arriving @ Newark Airport was interesting. I had on my “National Law Enforcement Officer’s Memorial” polo shirt and a Police Unity Tour (PUT) baseball cap. Upon seeing those, the passport check and the customs officers were incredibly pleasant and almost waived me through with none of the usual formality. There were no questions about where I was staying or for how long or even about what was in my bags.

I was met at the airport by Sergeant Stu Lukowiak from New Jersey who had volunteered to collect visitors from the airport. He took me to the hotel & ensured I got checked in ok. That was fun as the hotel told me my reservation had been cancelled & the hotel was full. After a quick panic & Stu offering to take me to his home, I remembered that we had talked about doubling up on rooms, so checked that Michael T Rae had checked in & he confirmed this was the case. Looks like when the room was cancelled, no one told me it had been done. The PUT is this successful because of the effort of people like Stu.

A few beers were then consumed with friends old & new in the hotel bar.I’m not the only foreigner this year. Duncan from Australia has returned after missing last year, and Lisa from Ontario is doing her first PUT. So we have a Commonwealth trio taking part in the ride. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN! I have not yet asked Duncan when the Aussies are going to get a cricket team. Think I will need to ensure more beers have been drunk first.

Today, we are off into New York for a bit of sightseeing etc. I’m not really sure, I’m just going with the flow and seeing where we end up.

My body needs to adjust to the time change. Its 5 hours behind London here.

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