Centurions: One and All

I’d like to thank those of you who have taken the time to send me messages of support or simply to read this blog. You support is much appreciated.

The day started with the sad news that yet another US police officer had died in the early hours of the morning after being hit be a car being followed by other police officers. He is the  68th officer to be killed this year. That is approximately one every 53 hours – scary statistic

Today was a hot day! The average temperature for our ride was 74.6F (23.66C). This was for a ride that started at 07:15 and went on till 17:40. Indeed we rode the first 2 hours in relatively cool temperatures i.e. in the 50s (circa 10 –15C).

So to add to the sunburnt right arm from today, I have now got a very sunburnt left leg. I wouldn’t mind too much, but I did use factor 50 sun block! The sun and the heat today was a major factor and several people “bonked” as a result of dehydration. Riding along you do not feel the heat as you have a cooling breeze, but you are constantly losing fluid in sweat! For most of the afternoon session the temperature was around 84F (28.8C) which is far hotter than I am used to, let alone normally ride in.

We rode today from Edison in New Jersey to a little place just out side Wilmington in Delaware called Newcastle! Fancy me ending up in Newcastle

We completed 100.41 miles at an average pace of 13.7 mph – it would have been higher but for problems with support vehicles at the end.


READY, WILLING & EAGER TO START THE DAY? – with Erik @ our hotel.

We had to wait today for the party from the first hotel to reach us before we got under way. As their convoy passed, we had to filter in. They were as ever escorted by the Motorcycle cops – These boys do a great job keeping us safe and keeping the route clear of traffic. Thanks boys for without you this ride would not happen.


The day started off at a relatively fast pace and continued that way until the last segment- more about that later. We reached our morning stop at a Target Restaurant after some 23.46 miles at an average of 14.2mph. I should perhaps explain that the speed of the ride is limited by a lead car, and the top speed all day was only 25.1mph.

The rest spot was a change for a much needed toilet break and lots of fluids. I had drunk nearly 1 litre of fluids before the stop & drunk another litre plus there & refilled my bottles. Target provide all sorts of foods, including, fig rolls, cereal bars, grain bars etc. Me? I chose a healthy banana – a great cycling food.

After about 30 minutes or so we were rolling again. This time a slightly longer stage, some 28.2 miles at an average of 14.8mph. The terrain was undulating rather than hilly. Indeed in the whole day, we only climbed some 2080 feet!

Lunch was reached after a slight detour when the lead car went the wrong way! Never mind, it was easily rectified, it just meant some of the crowds missed seeing us. I should have mentioned that all along the route, crowds have come out to cheer on the thin blue line. It is so heartening to see the folks of the US supporting their police in such a way. Indeed, we never heard any signs of displeasure at any road closure or from people forced to wait for al of us to pass.

Lunch was taken in a church grounds in or near Willingboro. I must than Erik at this point for inviting me to join him for lunch. He had sensibly found a shaded spot to rest in. It was only after lunch I realised how hot it was in the sun and how dehydrating it was in the sun. More fluids were taken on board at lunch time and bottles refilled.

The post lunch session was the longest of the day at 29.77 miles and took us to the police depot at the foot of the Delaware Memorial Bridge. This is an imposing bridge as can be seen in the photos below. It is over 3 miles from one side to the other and has a big climb involved to get to the top. Slow and steady spinning was the order of the day.



The ride had split by this point into 2 groups as the hotels were spread out. We had the longest ride, but that was countered by knowing we would hopefully get our century up. Unfortunately after the split we had only a limited number of outriders, so we made slow progress. The last 18.96 miles were done at an average pace of 11.6mph as a result.

We finally arrived at our hotel, feeling rather tired, but happy to have ridden a hundred miles in 7hours 25 minutes. This is only my 4th ever century ride and I would be lying if I said I was not proud of myself. I feel good and could have gone on further, but that’s for tomorrow when we have another 80+ miles to ride.

Team Ohio did us proud today & each and everyone helped and encouraged each other all the way.

The only downside is that the late finish meant I was too late to speak online with Michelle and to tell her (bore her?) all about my day.

The Ride Statistics are:



Time: 7:19:10

Distance: 100.41 mi

Elevation Gain:2,,080 ft

Calories: 3,213 C

Avg Temperature: 74.6 °F


Moving Time: 7:18:31

Elapsed Time: 10:25:54

Avg Moving Speed: 13.7 mph

Max Speed: 25.1 mph


Elevation Gain: 2 ,080 ft

Elevation Loss: 2,100 ft

Min Elevation: 9 ft

Max Elevation: 207 ft

Heart Rate

Avg HR: 22 bpm

Max HR: 165 bpm


Avg Bike Cadence: 73 rpm

Max Bike Cadence: 131 rpm


Avg Temperature: 74.6 °F

Hour:Minute:Second Time 07:19:10

Miles Distance 100.41

Miles per Hour Avg Speed 13.7

The calorie count is interesting. It means I have burned up around 5600 calories in 2 days riding. This means we can feat on an evening. The hotels are feeding us pasta  salad and chicken – great stuff for carbo loading for the next day.

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