Remembering the Fallen

This will just be a short post. Today, Friday 13th May 2011, as with every other 13th May, is the Candlelight Vigil to remember the 19,000+ police officers killed whilst acting in the line of duty.

The service as ever is a reminder of the dangers faced by the police every day. So far this year 71 officers have been killed, 33 by gunfire.

The ceremony was attended by around 20,000 people, being law enforcement officers, & family members together with the family of deceased officers. The service was attend by the Secretary of Homeland Security and the Attorney General, both of whom made speeches to the service.

Fortunately, the threatened rain held off for the service and we were able to have the candlelight vigil. The service is moving to realise how many people have given their lives doing their jobs.

It was good to hear the Police Unity Tour get a mention from the speakers, as well as a mention for the people from England who attended.


Earlier in the day, I went out with Erik to visit Ben’s Chilli Bowl, which is the first restaurant in DC that Barack Obama was seen in after being voted in as US President. In fact, I even sat in the same seat the Obama sat in!

As I was feeling so generous, I treated Erik to the meal. Now, as I’m sure you’d not be surprised to know the restaurant is not the most expensive in the world. It is basically a hot dog shop. Their speciality is a “chilli half-smoke” which is a smoked sausage in a bun covered in chilli con carne.


Fit for a President? Maybe

I would like to draw your attention to part of the menu. Now, you will see they


sell Chilli at either $4.15 for a small portion or $5.65 for a large portion. OR $43.50 per Gallon. Yes, you can buy it by the gallon!

After Ben’s, Erik and I went to the International Spy Museum which is a fascinating interactive museum of the history of spying. Its well worth a visit and is a way of passing several hours.

We then went for a beer and shopping at the various stalls in the tented city which is basically numerous t shirt/ souvenir shops for the police week and a bar area. The one interesting thing was all the gun stalls selling all sorts of firearms etc. Flick knives were also available. I was looked at as if I came from a foreign land when I said we were not allowed in England to possess either firearms of flick knives. Oh, hang on… I DO come from a foreign country.

A trip for a pizza for tea took us to Union Station in Washington. All I can say i that the building is amazing. This pizza was also rather good being a favourite of Erik’s, a Chicago Deep Pan Pizza.

SAM_0840 - CopySAM_0841 - CopySAM_0842 - CopySAM_0844 - CopySAM_0847 - Copy

Tonight was a sad night, both attending the Candlelight Vigil, but also having to say goodbye to so many great people. Hopefully next year….. Tomorrow more will be going and the Police Unity Tour for me is over for 2011.

One final thing though, its said on this t shirt…


One thought on “Remembering the Fallen

  1. Congratulations on completing the ride 😀
    Hopefully I’ll get to speak to you tonight, depending on what time you finish driving 🙂


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