Where’s The Sun?

Since my last post, I have re located from Washington DC to Hudson Ohio. I am staying with Phil & Tiffany here.

Some of you will know that I was at University with Phil & we were each other’s best man at our respective weddings. Indeed, one of us is still married I’ll give you a clue, its not me!

I drove from Washington DC to Hudson on Sunday afternoon, evening. After allowing for getting lost in DC, my drive was around 380 miles. I did the journey with no maps or GPS/ Sat Nav devices to guide me. I navigated via McDonalds Restaurants, using their Wi-Fi to navigate by. How, you ask? Well when I stop for a cup of tea (very British eh?) I log onto their Wi-Fi & look up where the restaurant is using Google Maps and see how to get to where I am going. Then I set off again and promptly forget the directions I looked up.

Still, I made it to Hudson and met Phil, Tiff & family. It is hard to believe it is 12 months since I saw them. That is because I saw them in the UK last august, so its only 9 months since I saw them. It is 12 months since I was in the USA at Hudson.

I left them last year to drive to New Jersey for the Police Unity Tour. The night before I left it was a thunder storm, and I left in the rain. I arrived here this year in rain as well. The night before I again had a thunderstorm. Nothing changes eh?

A couple of beers were consumed and we made up on catching up on lost ground. Sadly Phil had to be on the road at 0530 the next morning as he had a 3 hour drive to a business meeting. Tiffany played the perfect hostess, taking me out for lunch and acting as my shopping consultant as we went shopping in Macy’s. Indeed she even used here Macy’s card to get me a discount on the clothes.

Lunch in a nice little restaurant saw me eating mushrooms stuffed with crab meat & sharing a salad. Yes, you heard correctly, a salad. So, less of the accusations of me being a salad dodger.

Today, saw me again shopping with Tiff. I’ve nearly been to all the supermarkets in the area. Will complete the  set tomorrow! Whilst in the supermarket, I found this pack of Shelled English Peas. All the way from England? Well not quite – look at the packaging. English peas from Guatemala!


Whilst in Costco, I saw the following picture and a song title came to mind. Any ideas?


Tuesday night saw me meeting up with Mike T and Jeremy from the PUT. They work in Cleveland so we met there for a very pleasant meal. What should have been a quite meal was livened up by these two young ladies


Cheney on the left and Jamie on the right were there because they are cheerleaders for the Cleveland Cavaliers Basketball Team and tonight the bar we were in, the Cadillac Ranch was hosting the Annual Draft Party when the order for the draft is selected. [Cleveland have got 1st & 4th choices, so an excellent night for them].

Jeremy, somehow managed to blag a wristband for the guests only buffet and free bar! Lucky git! He was a gentleman and brought us back lots of free snacks whilst we waited for our meal to arrive, It was good to catch up with the two of them. Hopefully we will be together next May for the PUT 2012.

Any guesses on that song from earlier? Well. its obvious, its Blondie’s “The Tide is High”……. I’ll get my coat……