In the Summertime

Well that’s two successive weekends of good weather we’ve had in the North East. That will be the end of summer then.

Already, we are nearly 1/13th of the way from the longest to the shortest day. Nights are drawing in & days are getting shorter. I have already got the winter lights on my bike.

I bought a ticket for the weekend’s Euromillions lottery. The jackpot was circa £140million. When talking with M about what I would spend any winnings on, I said I would buy her a wheel trim to replace the one she is missing on her car. Generous & thoughtful of me? Well I thought so, but I am not sure M agreed. I am assuming the swearing & the plates whizzing past my head were indications of her rejection of my kind gesture.

How ungrateful some women are!

Every go shopping & find yourself tempted to buy extra items because of a multibuy deal? I’m sure you all like a bargain as much as I do.

Yesterday my jet set lifestyle took me to Asda (Walmart) to buy some Fairy washing up liquid. It was £1 for a single bottle but there was a multibuy special @ £2.50 for 2 bottles!

Sometimes the generosity of these stores is incredible & they tempt you into buying more than you intended- I said sometimes!

No, not me, I know I am.

It is almost exactly since Raoul Moat shot his ex girlfriend, murdered her new partner, then shot & blinded PC David Rathband before eventually killing himself after a siege/ stand off in Rothbury in Northumberland.

This tragic turn of events has put the little town of Rothbury on the tourist map & has brought numerous extra visitors to Rothbury & as a result put a lot of money into the local economy.

Now the same locals who are willing to take the tourists money in their shops, pubs & restaurants are complaining that people come to visit where Raul Moat ended his life, branding them ghoulish.

Their complaints would be listened to more sympathetically if they were not acting in a hypocritical way & happy to take the cash from these visitors.

237 or so years ago, a group started terrorist attacks against the government & escalated that from terrorist attacks to all out war. The terrorists even formed alliances with those enemies of the government.

No, we are not talking about the Irish revolt and the IRA dealings with Libya. Nor are we talking about events involving Al Quaeda.

The terrorists & treason plotters eventually made a Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI)!

Today, there is a world wide celebration of these terrorists. Happy Independence Day to the USA & all its citizen’s.

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