Time for yet another post in my blog. I thought I’d touch on the subject of respect both for yourself and for others.

Now I could write about the disgraceful drunken states couples in their 8th decade get into when on day trips to York. Its hardly showing respect for themselves is it? Its ok though Mum & Dad, I won’t tell anyone about you coming to York, getting rather drunk and making new friends with that poor couple half your age who were just out for a romantic night. no Dad, Claire didn’t fancy you. She is young enough to be your granddaughter! So you can relax, your secret is safe.

I travelled on the train back from York today. I sat in first class as I’m a snob (ok, I was on a cheap ticket. The female sat at a nearby table received a phone call and proceeded to have a loud conversation for several minutes about nothing of any significance or importance. She made no attempt to keep her voice down or to keep the call short by suggesting to call back after she was off the train.

Now, I was brought up to be considerate of others and to have respect for the privacy of others on a quiet train. I always leave a room or on a train go into the vestibule if I am to have a chat on the phone. This is not because I want privacy, but is out of consideration and respect for others. It struck me how little respect people have for others these days.

Go into your local Asian run corner shop and the person behind the counter is likely to be talking on the phone. Very often they carry on the conversation whilst serving you, only pausing the call long enough to tell you the cost of your purchases. Not really a lot of respect shown there is there?

How about the pedestrian who just walks out into the road. No, not the one who didn’t look, that is bad enough. I’m referring to the ones who know the traffic is coming, but walk out, often at junctions when the red light is showing and expecting/ forcing the traffic to stop for them. Selfish behaviour and not showing any respect for others is it. The same can be said about cyclists who career on through red lights forcing other traffic or pedestrians to get out of their way.

On a slightly different level, the motorist who fails to acknowledge that you have stopped to let him/ her through the narrow gap. They again are not showing any respect.

There are so many other examples not just traffic related that I could make reference to here. How about the person who plays there music so loud that everyone else is obliged to listen to it, whether its so loud everyone on the tube/ train is subjected to your ipod music, or every other car and passers by have to listen to your car stereo etc. They all have at least one thing in common. That is that it would take very little effort on the part of the person to show the other(s ) some respect. however, it seems that these days its all about the individual and that society and consideration or respect for others has ceased to exist.