Success and congratulations

Today is the day many thousands of 18 year olds dread yet also look forward to. Its the day the A’ Level results come out

This young chap managed to pass all his A Levels


He got the grades he wanted and is off to the university of his choice. I think it is a tremendous achievement and something to be proud of. The message of congratulations and support are well deserved.

I mean, its not every day that one achieves such a tremendous achievement. Despite the increase in the number of people going to university, it is still a huge achievement.

I have to say that I am incredibly proud  today.

I am sure you will all agree that my achievement in raising a child who gets into university is something special. Oh and I suppose Tom didn’t do too bad either in passing his A’ levels.

The stress of waiting for the results to be published I think far outweighs the stress of the revision leading up to the exams. The waiting and not knowing where or if you will be going to University is no picnic. Now after waiting 2 or more months for his results, Tom has only 3 weeks or so to prepare to go to university and sort out what he needs to buy or to take with him. 2 months of inaction and now a mad 3 weeks or so of rushing around buying and making arrangements.

The alcohol will be flowing tonight and a few drinks will be sunk in celebration. That is just Michelle & I, no idea what Tom is doing. Think he is going out with his class from school.

Well done Tom, I’m proud of you.