If Vodafone were as Good at Customer Service as at Tax Evasion…

Do a quick google search on Voadafone and you will rapidly come across stories such as:

 Why are There Protests Against Vodafone, a Simple Guide

Vodafone’s tax case leaves a sour taste

Taxman Lets Vodafone off £6billion

Vodafone Defacement Protest


Vodafone a huge company that wines and dines the head of HMRC repeatedly and is then allowed not to pay the tax it owes. Who mentioned offences under the Bribery Act should be portrayed – sadly act came too late for this.

Come on Vodafone – if this is not true, feel free to sue me!

So why am I having a go at Vodafone you may ask? no, its not because of the various teams/ sports they do/ have sponsored. Sadly, I have the misfortune to be a customer of their for mobile phone services.

I took out a contract around 2 years ago when I needed a new phone. Despite being the biggest at the time, mobile phone company in the UK, the quality of the signal on their phones was not as good as I had previously experienced with T mobile, orange or O2. When their network was down for a week in central London, they refused to refund e the rental for that period even though I could not use my phone at work.

When my contract expired, I intended to leave Vodafone, but they offered me a deal that was very competitive, so in late September, I signed up to a new 2 year contract with them to supply me with a new Blackberry phone. Less than 2 months later and numerous calls to Vodafone, the phone finally stopped working. I telephoned Vodafone at 19:30 at night – their website says they are open till 20:00. They said there was no one there to deal with an exchange of phones. They offered to call me back on…… yes, you’ve guessed it – the phone that had stopped working. They were unable to realise the fail in this plan.

Apparently, it was all my fault for not having a 2nd mobile phone number to give them. I proffered my home number, but pointed out that I would be out at work until 19:30 the following night by which time they would have no one there.

I offered to take the defective phone into one of their shops, but apparently this is not permissible! The only way to resolve this is via the phone- not a lot of use when you do not have a working phone. Why would I need to call them if my phone worked?

A quick email to the Chief Executive Officer, Guy Laurence resulted in contact eventually being made with an Andrew Woodfine from Vodafone who sent me a PAC – the number needed to transfer to a different supplier –  but he sent it to……..the phone that did not work! Bright aren’t they at Vodafone?

Andrew Woodfine promised to deliver to me at work a new phone on Monday 12th December. I explained I worked in an organisation on the 4th Floor of a block of offices. I was told that I would get told of a 1 hour slot when delivery would be made. This was apparently sent by text message to…… guess where….. yes, you’ve guessed it.

Anyway, at lunchtime I telephoned Vodafone and was told the phone was to be delivered between 16:15 and 17:15.on 12th December

Incidentally some 2 hours after my phone call to Vodafone, an email was sent saying the phone is to be delivered on 13th December, ie not the agreed day but the day after!

At approximately 16:50 on 12th December I was notified the courier was at reception to the building/ good in. He did not come to HMCPSI’s offices. I immediately went to reception only to be told the courier had already left!

I went back to my office and spent the next approximately 80 minutes on the phone speaking to numerous people at Vodafone. I was told the courier company will only wait at premises 2 minutes. This clearly is not long enough for someone to be notified and get down from the 4th floor of the building. Thus the delivery was doomed to failure from the outset and should not have been promised.

A courier delivering to business premises who has to not only deliver, but also collect a package and only prepared to wait 2 minutes! What sort of arrangement is that?

What did Vodafone offer to resolve this matter? Yes – they will send courier back later in the week.  However, he will only wait 2 minutes again. This is simply not enough time to walk down from 4th floor after being notified he is there. I suggested once again delivering the phone to their shop. This is apparently not allowed.

So the solution is a delivery that is doomed to failure or no phone at all Vodafone seem to think this is customer service!

Clearly the contract cannot continue on this basis. Vodafone therefore agreed to give me the PAC again. Then they told me they had resent it to……… yes, you’ve guessed it…… the dead phone.

Fortunately I realised this and asked them to send the code to my email address. That was at around 18:00 tonight. guess what, I’m still waiting.

Another email has been sent to the CEO at Vodafone. Lets see what response I get!

Oh and its no use calling or texting me as I do not have a mobile phone that works. However, I guess that you may have realised this sooner than Vodafone who still do not seem to have realised this.

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