Madness, Stupidity and Downright Lies

Now, some people may think I am writing a post about a (hypothetical) boss. In fact those who know me may think this is based on a real figure. I cannot say they are correct.

Now, I clearly cannot comment on whether his (the hypothetical manager’s)

behaviour and words this week are described by those words.

Imagine an organisation that has two offices. The 2nd in command is based in the northern office. She has effectively been forced to retire. This has caused some disquiet. At a staff meeting, the boss said he didn’t like the idea of treating the two offices as separate entities.

So when asked about the future now we have no 2-i-C he said to the ALL staff meeting he wanted to speak to the northern office before making an announcement to everyone – isn’t that treating the two offices separately.?

He also said any new 2-i-C must be based in London to deal with HR and staffing issues there. As for the northern office…… apparently they do not require anyone there to deal with HR issues etc. – isn’t that treating the two offices separately?

Other gems are his complaint that people are speaking in whispers in the new open plan office in London! Strange that all the complaints are about excessive noise.

Clueless is a word that can be used to describe some people


No, this post is about a few of the sign’s I’ve seen recently.

Lets start with the Free Broadband offer from Carphone Warehouse in Hexham.


Since when is £20.30 per month FREE? Answers on a postcard please.


Next we turn to Aldi, that well known retail discounter. They have been slashing prices in their Seven Kings store.


It must have cost them more to prepare and print these price labels showing the huge discounts on offer.

Next we look at Tesco’s green agenda. As a retailer with a good corporate social responsibility policy, they obviously provide bike parking so that people can get to their stores by pedal cycles instead of burning petrol or diesel to power their cars.



Its just a shame that they chose to site the bike rack on a grassy slope so that the bikes will not stand up, but will fall over if you use them. That is of course if you are able to lift the bike over the 3 foot high wall and wheel it up the bank. Then after the shopping, you will have to lift your bike by now fully laden back down over that wall. Step forward Tesco’s at Seven Kings.

Has all this driven you to drink? Well in that case, why not pop to the Crown and Anchor Pub at Horsley in Northumberland. The following pictures are from the public house in question.


Firstly, lets take a look at the expense and trouble the pub landlady went to in order to decorate the pub for Halloween. Yes, all of two cobwebs were put up. I think they were fake cobwebs, but am not sure.

You may ask why the landlady went to the trouble of decorating the pub with just these two cobwebs.


In this day  and age, a pub needs to provide food to make a profit. The Crown and Anchor recognises this.





No half measures for them. They do not provide anything less than a FULL menu. Personally, I have never seen a half menu anywhere.

When there is live music on, then catering arrangements are obviously different


Instead of the “Full menu”, they instead have “Food”. Quite what the different between food and “food” is I am not sure.

They also make sure that this “food” is “AVAILIABLE”. Again, I’m not sure what the quotation marks signify here ( ignoring the spelling)


Turning to the subject of crime, I knew the police claim knife crime is growing.


I hadn’t realised that it was so big that companies are making a living out of sharpening the yobs knives!

Essex next – such a classy joint. A recent visit to Dagenham market and the mst popular stall was the one selling artificial grass for your lawn. not having to mow the grass will give you more time to smoke it and get vajazzled I suppose.

Barking and Dagenham-20111002-00005

Also you can buy your class outfits like this ladies fetching red outfit  – shows off the spare tyres nicely

Barking and Dagenham-20111002-00004

Warning signs are always helpful, especially this one in Ilford town centre.


I’m presuming the step behaves itself outside of these hours and you don’t need to worry about it.

Brighton council’s warning signs carry a threat of a prosecution.


I often wondered what the sheepdog trials were. Clearly for those dogs who chose to ignore the sign. Not sure re alsations or Jack Russells though. Mind you it would be more sensible to prosecute the dog owner’s I would have thought


Mind you this last sign is a bit fanciful isn’t it?


I thought the majority in Brighton were camp