Many Happy Returns?

Well, if its your birthday, then as the title says….

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas now. Yep, family rows, sod all on the TV and someone’s polished off the vodka.

Its the time of year when households stock up with food for the festive period. You know that the purpose of Christmas is not to celebrate Christ’s birth but to indulge in a retail splurge and eat and drink far too much.

Well @ Chez Michelle, a problem has been discovered. There appears to be a mouse in the house and it has discovered Michelle’s food store. Now, a mouse in a house in the countryside is nothing unusual I hear you say.

Well this mouse seems to have a liking for Pringles. Not only that but after eating the whole tube of Pringles it tried to cover its actions up by using a Pritt Stick and gluing the tube shut again. Clever these mice in Horsley aren’t they Josh?

bbq pringles

This post is about something different. Its about things you can’t get rid of. No, I’m not thinking of toilet problems and a lack of flush, nor rodent problems.

Nor was I thinking of the girlfriend you dumped who won’t take the hint and keeps following you around. Me, I’ve never experienced this as they all get to dump me before I dump them.

At work this week we had an all staff day and I was rewarded for my work. Now, bankers may get seven figure bonuses, but not here at our work. The rewards are much more modest.

I was given a box of chocolates as a thank you for some work I did on creating a spreadsheet to enable the recording of data on a major inspection. Don’t think I am ungrateful. I was delighted that someone recognised the work I had put in.

I will eat far too many chocolates over Christmas, so when I knew Josh’s football team were looking for prizes for the Christmas raffle I donated my unopened box of chocolates to the cause.


Obviously, when I attended the football club Christmas Party on Saturday night, I was press ganged into buying some raffle tickets. Well at the end of the night the raffle was drawn and I won the following prize:


Oh, sorry, no, that is wrong. It wasn’t an actual boomerang that I won but it was this:


The observant amongst you may have noticed a similarity between my raffle prize and the present I got from work and donated to the football club raffle. Yes, I managed to win back the prize I donated!!!!!

Clearly it is obviously God’s will that I must eat these chocolates personally as he returned them to me.

So to those of you who want any of my chocolates, please see the below poster


Note the chocolates came back so they are obviously mine – hands off!