Vodafone–the return of the Useless & Incompetent

You may recall my recent blog about the trials endured being contracted to Vodafone.

The blog post was HERE.

Well, its time for an update as to Vodafone’s idea of customer service.

You will recall that my new phone had stopped working, and Vodafone were proposing to call me on the broken phone to arrange delivery of the new phone. Their courier waits 2 minutes and leaves.

Vodafone agreed to give me the PAC I need to take the number to a new network. They claim to have emailed the same, but some seven days on it has not arrived.

Anyway on Tuesday 13th December I decided to give Vodafone one last chance to sort out a new phone. I had written to the CEO asking for a response by 2pm that day. Of course no contact was made. I had provided them with an email address to contact me on as (& I explained this in my letter) there was no use calling me on the phone that did not work.

I made a call to Vodafone from my work and managed eventually to speak to I think half the Vodafone staff before someone decided that I COULD go into a store to get an exchange phone. However, whilst they were dealing with this, I was accidentally disconnected. I rang back, spoke to someone different and was told the original operator was trying to call me back. On which number…….yes, the phone that does not work.

I’m not sure how Vodafone manage to find so many stupid staff. What part of the phone does not work, do not try to call me on it do they not understand?

Anyway, the new operator apparently arranged it so I could go into the Vodafone store in Long Acre Covent Garden to collect a new phone. I checked the store had been advised of this and was advised they had.

Whilst on the phone to Vodafone, another courier arrived at my work to deliver a phone, but refused to wait whilst I was told to come down to reception. This is the courier that was referred to in the email I received the previous week. This was a delivery I had not arranged as I was not going to be in my office all day. I had no idea of this delivery. In any event the courier was not prepared to wait longer than 2 minutes!

Strange no one I spoke to on the telephone had any idea of this attempted delivery being due to happen.

I went to the store and …….yes, you’ve guessed it, they knew nothing about it. However, the 2 members of staff in the store were excellent and went out of their way to resolve the matter. Finally they did sort it out and gave me a brand new phone

As I walked away from the store, with my new phone working, I picked up a number of text messages sent over the days when I had no working phone. Guess who they were from…… yes Vodafone were texting me to say they had arranged a delivery of a replacement phone and then there were the numerous voicemail messages from Vodafone saying they were trying to contact me to discuss the problems with my defective phone.

So Vodafone, if you know I had a dead phone, then why are you trying to call me on the said defective phone?

Vodafone- they’re enough to make you think having a mobile phone is a waste of time.

Anyway, I have a phone that is currently working, so hopefully no more problems

USELESS & INCOMPETENT? Well it could be the phone or it could be the company and its staff. You decide


Just looking at the companies on my naughty list ; Virgin Media and Vodafone. Hmm what other companies  begin with “V”? I’d better avoid them

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