Hello, Hello, I’m Back

Now, some of you may have noticed that I have not posted too frequently of late. That has no doubt pleased some people, but others may have wondered why.

I can give you lots of reasons, all of which play a part including: –

1. I’ve been rather tardy

2. I’ve been travelling a lot with work

3. Nothing interesting has happened to me

4. I have deliberately avoided posting too much to avoid anything I post being used in a prejudicial manner against either myself or an acquaintance of mine for whom I was a defence witness in a long running criminal case that only concluded late in 2011.

The last reason is something that I will be posting about in a separate blog in the next few days. The court case involves some rather sinister behaviour on the part of those tasked with policing us.

It also exposes the bias of so called independent bodies and reveals how cosy they are to those they are supposed to be inspecting or supervising. That is for another day.

Anyway, a quick round up of my Christmas. I spent Christmas at Michelle’s house. I can confirm the food was cooked to perfection thanks to Michelle and more importantly to her mum.

The alcohol flowed rather too well. Sorry to say Michelle is several bottles of vodka poorer than before I arrived. I see it as a public service. If I hadn’t drunk it, then she would have (@ sum time in the future) and it wouldn’t be good for her liver, So I am looking after Michelle’s health! I’m all heart me.

December 27th saw my parents (celebrating?) married for 50 years. That is some achievement and one few people reach. I think that I played a big part in their staying married for so long. Why you ask? Well when the inevitable disagreements happened when I was much younger and they threatened to get divorced, neither of them wanted custody of me! Seems this was the fear that kept them together for many years. After I left home, I think it was the fact the house is big enough that they could avoid each other. So the key to a long marriage is not seeing each other and avoiding being left with custody of the kids.

Seriously it was good to spend a night with my parents, my sister and her partner, my brother, my son and Michelle and Josh. All the cooking done by Tom – he clearly has learned cooking whilst at University. Well done Tom.

Michelle made arrangements for a present and a cake for my parents. The present was a token gift consisting of a basket lined with gold paper and containing products with a gold connection e.g. gold blend coffee, terry’s all gold, golden syrup etc. Great idea from Michelle and her mother.

The cake was a fantastic huge cupcake made by Wendylicious. For those who have face book, Wendy’s page is at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wendylicious/223236507688579 or her website is at http://wendylicious.weebly.com/ I can not recommend too highly the cakes made by Wendy. If you are having an event and want a cake, then give Wendy a call. The prices are incredibly reasonable and the cakes are so good looking its a shame to eat them.

Football barely features. On 17th December, I was going to see Spennymoor v Bishop but the game was postponed.

On Boxing Day I went to see Shildon v Spennymoor, but being the mug I am I got to the game for an 11am kick off, but it was a 1pm kick off. This meant I had 2 hours to kill before kick off. It also meant I had to leave at half time as I had other commitments later that day.

Today, 2nd January I was driving from Newcastle to London and thought I’d get to see Spennymoor play at Consett in an 11 am kick off. I got there about 10/;45 to find the game was called of at 10:38. Yes 22 minutes before kick off! Wonder what Sir Alex Ferguson would have said if a Man U game was called off so near  to kick off. So I had to head home football less over Christmas.

Sadly, I will need to end this post as its bed time and I have work in the morning