A Blow Job; No Job & A Racist Job

Well today (Tuesday) was the first day back at work and the weather certainly made sure I knew it.

When I went to bed last night, the wind was blowing and whistling through the windows. I remember thinking to myself I must replace the boarded up windows with glass one day. Then again, if I did that then my house would look out of place in this street!!!!!

Anyway after being woken up repeatedly by the wind, the alarm signified it was time to get up for first day back at school sorry work. So, up, cycling kit on and made my porridge for breakfast before setting off for work.

Somehow I had forgotten how windy it had been overnight. I soon remembered as I went out the front door and the wind tried to put me back inside again. However as it was the first day of the year, I was not going to start it not cycling. I avoided cycling on too many occasions last autumn and am determined to ride more this year.

So, I set off to cycle to work. No problems initially, despite the 30mph head wind. You’ve just got to grit your teeth and keep pedalling. The extra effort will do me good.

The fun came after about 4-5 miles when passing a junction the wind gusting from the side was so strong that it blew me sideways across the road. This was not a gust catching me unawares but was the force of the wind making me move sideways. It was a rather scary experience to say the least.

As I was nearly halfway to work, it seemed to make more sense to carry on to work rather than turning to go home and coming in on public transport. So onwards it was. A mile further down the road and I was again blown across the road sideways. That made me decide I was not going to go over Bow Flyover, but would go round it instead. I’m not stupid enough to risk being blown over the edge of the flyover.


That will explain why only 5 minutes later I found myself going over the flyover not round it. Yes – the auto pilot had kicked in once again. However, today the autopilot seems to have a suicidal tendency. Actually, it was not as bad as I feared. The wind didn’t gust too much as I went over it.

The rest of the ride to work was uneventful apart from a constant 30mph headwind. It did lead me to ponder that God does good blowjobs! I can safely say I’ve never been blown like that before.

So, first day back at work and did I see the boss? Of course not, the Deputy rang in sick but as she is being forced out at the end of the month, that is perhaps no surprise. After the way she has been treated, I can’t say I blame her. So no management in, and for me only news that the next job I am on has been delayed again. It was due to start 2 years ago, so slipping again is no surprise there. Don’t you just love the Civil Service – one part fighting against the other and taxpayers monies being wasted AGAIN.

I joke about the waste in the civil service, but it is actually a disgrace that taxpayers funds are wasted in this fashion. In these times of austerity, jobs are cut rather than cutting out inefficiencies and waste.

So that’s the blow jobs and no jobs dealt with. This only leaves the racist job and I don’t mean being Luis Suarez at Liverpool. I am referring to the Stephen Lawrence murder trial that was concluded today. Given the adverse things published in the media here after the previous trial and the MacPherson Inquiry, was it any surprise the 2 defendants were convicted? There was no way in my view these two could ever get a fair trial. They had been convicted by the media many times over as a result of all the material published in the past.

The forensic evidence was so discredited as to be untrue. Forensic test results produced despite the forensic scientist saying at the time of the investigation that no tests were done! Hmm strange one that.

The clothing tested was stored in such a way that it could be/ was contaminated with clothing of the deceased.

Now reading the media and social networks, it seems people are celebrating these two defendants being convicted. I have to say that as a lawyer the whole case fills me with unease and is a sad day for justice for everyone.

Controversial?  Well read on and I will try to explain my comments.

Firstly, the death of anyone in violent circumstances such as Stephen Lawrence suffered is appalling and I hope that those responsible are caught, convicted and given a suitably deterrent sentence.

I do not know who killed Stephen Lawrence. I was not there and neither were most of the people reading this blog.

Personally, I suspect that the 2 defendants in this case were probably part of the gang responsible for his death. However, thankfully in the UK we convict people only hen they are  proven to be guilty beyond all reasonable doubt. Mere suspicion is not sufficient.

We have laws in this country to prevent trial by media, unlike the USA. This is so that prejudicial and potentially inadmissible evidence is not seen or hard by the jury. For example the fact that one defendant is currently serving a prison sentence for drugs was inadmissible in evidence as it does not prove he was responsible for the murder.

Sadly after the previous failed trial and the MacPherson inquiry lots of prejudicial material about the defendants was published, about their background and videos shot covertly were released in the media.

This had the effect that before any evidence was heard in the trial, most people believed these 2 were guilty. What chance of a fair trial in these circumstances?

I have already mentioned my concerns re the forensic evidence and am not going to repeat that.

So why should we care if two self confessed racist criminals have been convicted of this murder?

Well next time some one gets convicted after a trial by media, it could be you or another innocent person. Remember the murder just before Christmas 2010 in Bristol of Joanna Yeates? Her neighbour Vincent Taback as convicted eventually of her murder. However, shortly after her body was found, her landlord, Christopher Jeffries was arrested. Several newspapers ran all sorts of stories about Jeffries and his background to the effect he was a sexual pervert and a deviant  and was guilty of the murder. If he had been charged, it is likely he would have struggled to get a fair trial as a result of the media attention.

The Wapping Liar Sun and the Daily Mirror were convicted of contempt of court as a result.

The Sun, Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror, Daily Record, Daily Mail, Daily Star, The Scotsman and Daily Express – have also agreed to pay him substantial libel damages, thought to total six figures.

The solicitor for Mr Jefferies, Louis Charalambous, told Mr Justice Tugendhat in the high court hearing that the newspapers had acknowledged the falsity of the allegations, which were published in more than 40 articles.

Justice means justice for all, not just those people you like or whose views you agree with.It is best put in Blackstone’s formulation that it is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer”