Happy Birthday from Afar

Its a good news bad news post today.

Good News:


Open-mouthed smile

Bad News:

I’m having to say it via text / phone calls and blog posts Crying face

Sadly, owing to issues at work, I have not been able to take time off and travel up to be with Michelle today. Unfortunately, I am involved in a major inspection and it is very time pressured such that I have not been able to take time off work. Sorry Michelle, on Valentine’s Day I was able to surprise you pleasantly but this birthday I was not able to repeat that.



Its been good news bad news in other respects. Good that I’ve been able to cycle to work everyday so far this week. Bad news that I had commitments last night and tonight so that I took bike home on the train rather than cycle home. Still, to date I have done 156 miles between Monday morning and now.

Good news, that this sad individual had two nights out. Bad news- they were the only two nights out I’ve had in months and they are consecutive nights.

Good news tonight I met up with my mother, sister and brother who are staying in London for a couple of days. It was good to meet up with them. I’ve not seen them for a little while now. Bad news was that it was only a short meeting- long enough to have a meal and a drink. Still it was good to see them.

Good news – I’m going to have some time to myself this weekend and intend to go cycling and to see the O’s play. Bad news – this means that I’m not seeing Michelle this weekend.

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