She’s a Bitch

Well, its time for another blog post. Why?  Well why not?

Lots has happened this week. The most important thing for me is that Michelle has started her phased return to work after months off with a back injury. I am so pleased for her. The timing has worked out nicely for her. Michelle is working 3 x 1/2 das this week, then will have the 2 week Easter holidays off work. Well she thinks she is having 2 weeks off, but Michelle and Josh are coming to London (fuel allowing). I have lots of important housework for Michelle to do. There’s cooking, cleaning, dusting, polishing and ironing ready for her. Please don’t tell her and spoil the surprise.

In any event she deserves it for her taunting about her sunbathing whilst I have been at work today.

The topic of the week in the media appears to be the VAT on pasties issue. We have David Cameron and David Milliband trying to out do each other about how much they like pasties. Cameron trying to recall when he had a pasty last – claiming to have had one a short time ago at Leeds Railway Station from the Pasty Shop there. Shame it has not been there for for at least 5 years. Then Milliband and and half of the shadow cabinet just decide spontaneously to have a pasty for lunch and quite by co incidence the press happen to be there at the same time to record this feast. Quite a co-incidence you may think.

Now, this whole fuel business is a bit pathetic. Tanker drivers have voted for industrial action which is their right. Before they can strike if that is what they choose to do, they have to give their employers seven days notice. No such notice has been given, and indeed there are planned talks with employers next week on Monday. So, if the talks fail, it is likely to be Tuesday of next week before notice can be given (at the earliest). This means the earliest strike action can happen if the Tuesday after that i.e. 12 days time. So can anyone explain why people are hoarding petrol now and queuing for hours to buy fuel. They will have used what they’ve bought before any strike action takes place.

Then we have government ministers advising us to store fuel at home in jerry cans! Is this really what we want,  our politicians urging us to panic buy and hoard? This advice is surely fanning the panic. however, not to worry further advice was later issued by the government advising people to top up their cars when they get down to half empty. I suspect most people usually wait till their cars are nearly empty before filling them up with fuel? That correction will have the effect of…encouraging more panic buying perhaps?

Me, I followed Francis Maude’s and bought myself a jerry can. However I am finding it very difficult to work out how to fill it with pasties.

Its been a great week weather wise. I’ve made the most of it, getting up early and getting in extra miles cycling the long way round to work. I live to the East of London and work in the centre. So, you’d think I ride in a Westerly direction to work? Well not initially, I set off and ride further away from London, riding in a meandering route to Romford, then head back via Beacontree Heath to Ilford and then onto London.

On Monday I did over 50 miles to and from work, the same on Wednesday. Tuesday and Thursday were much shorter rides at only 30 miles each. This has put me well on the way to my target of 1000 miles ridden between 19th March and my going to the USA on 7th May. Factor into this target there are at least 20 days when I will not be able to ride. This means doing 1000 miles in 30 days maximum. Doing 50 miles in a day on top of my full day’s work is a big ask. It means that I am effectively getting up early riding to work, and getting home from work, having my ta and going to bed

In 11 days, I have ridden for over 33 hours and covered over 430 miles. That is quite a chunk of time out of my life. It is over 3 hours a day, each and every day of the week.

As for the bitch – she visited me overnight on Wednesday night leaving me with a flat tyre as I was heading out of the door to work. Not to worry, I replaced the inner tube and was on my way to work. When I went to get my bike to ride home from work this evening, guess what? Yes, you’ve guessed it another flat tyre. So tonight I have spent the evening repairing p*nct*red inner tubes. Seven patches later and hopefully all the inner tubes are repaired and ready to be used.

Yes, the bitch is the p*nct*re fairy – one so evil that to mention her name summons her for a return visit.

I’ve got all the way through this post without mentioning the FA Cup games played this week. I’m not going to say a word about the Sunderland v Everton game. A picture is said to be worth 1000 words, this video is worth 1000 laughs at the SMB’s

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